Inactive children

In our ward we try to encourage the teachers to contact the inactive children in their classes.
I think this is effective because then the children are familiar with their teacher and feel more comfortable going to that Primary class.
I believe that part of being a primary teacher is to have a stewardship over the children in your class and do all you can to help them learn the gospel and know that they are a child of God. This involves being a friend to all the children, not just teaching a lesson on Sunday.
Of course, this does not always happen, so as a Presidency we also visit inactive/less actives that have not been contacted.
In addition we encourage the teachers to do a card or a call every week to the missing children. We have "miss you" cards in our roll folders and every week we encourage the children and the teachers to do a card for the missing kids. Finally we send out Primary newsletters to the inactives every month and we are trying to include handouts from the Friend or other resources that support our theme for the month.

Success Stories: Someone had asked for success stories for a board meeting.
In our ward we have addressed contacting the inactives at every board meeting for the last year. Probably six months ago one of our best Primary teachers had one inactive boy listed on her rolls. No one in the ward new anything about the family and they had never come to church. The Primary teacher made a personal visit to the house to meet the little boy and invited him to Primary. After her visit the family began coming to church. They told the Bishop and also bore testimony in sacrament meeting that the teacher's visit was what brought them back. The father said they always knew what they should be doing (ie church activity) but they had moved homes and wards and just got lazy and that laziness lasted four years. The teacher's visit reminded them what was important. Since then two of their children have been baptized and the mother is in the Relief Society Presidency now.

All it took was one visit.

I also know that my mom was from an inactive family. When she was about 10 a boy at her elementary school asked her why she did come to Primary, she was listed on the rolls in his class but had never been. My mom did not even know she was Mormon until this little boy talked to her, but after that she started going to church and her parents started going to church and within the next few years my Grandpa who previously drank and smoked and had not attended church in many, many years was Bishop of the ward. It doesn't take much. You just have to try.

For Board Meetings when we address this topic we have kept it simple.
Begin with a scripture passage that shows how important children are to Jesus, such as when he visited the Americas and took the time to bless each child. Then ask if Jesus came to church on Sunday where do you think you would find him? (With the children) Bear testimony that each child is important, not just a name on the roll, and we need to contact and love each child in Primary. There is also a Primary videotape the church puts out that has a segment addressing Primary teachers contacting inactives.