Conference Questionnaire
(by Melanie in Texas)

Several years ago I made up a little "Questionnaire" about conference for our Primary.

We talked about conference the week before and gave them the handout, and asked them to bring back anything they had filled out the week after. It helps them to listen more carefully when they know what to listen for.

My older kids (teenagers) even like this, so I made one that is more in depth for them. They loved being able to compare with their friends and see if they got the same answers.

Saturday Morning:

This session was conducted by _____________________________who wore a ________________ tie.
The choir was from ______________________________________________.
How many times did they sing?________
_________ people spoke in all.
Was the organ played by a man or a woman?_____________________
The choir women wore___________________________________________.
Did the prophet speak?_________________
We sang __________________________________________.
The second talk was about__________________________________________.
I heard the words "Jesus Christ" _____________ times.
My favorite talk was by_____________________________________________.

  Saturday Afternoon:

I saw _________ men on the stand wearing red ties.
Did the prophet conduct?_______ If not, who did?________________________
The opening prayer was given by_____________________________________.
How many apostles spoke in this session?_________________
How many apostles were wearing glasses?__________________
I saw _________ blue suits and ___________ red dresses.
The weather outside in Utah looked___________________________________.
The third talk was about____________________________________________.

Sunday Morning:

What color dresses were the Tabernacle Choir women wearing?_____________
I heard the word "faith" __________ times.
What were two of the talks about?__________________________ and ___________________________.
President Monson sat on the ____________ side of President Hinckley.
How many times did you raise your hand to sustain people?____________
The choir sang _________ times by themselves and __________ times with the congregation.
Did anyone talk about Joseph Smith?___________
How many buildings did they show?______________

Sunday Afternoon:

Which apostle looks the oldest?___________________________________
Which apostle looks the youngest?___________________________________
Who conducted this session?___________________________________
Did the congregation in the conference center stand when they sang the hymns?______
President Faust was wearing a ________________ tie.
I heard the word "love" ____________ times.
_________________________________ gave the last prayer of the conference.
How many people do you count in the room you are in?________________
Draw a picture of the podium.

Circle these words when you hear them:
obedience apostle courage brothers
The Articles of Faith Doctrine and Covenants Relief Society family
Joseph Smith Doctrine and Covenants priesthood Mother
Primary Jesus Christ Holy Father
choir Savior history charity
music Redeemer organ baptism
happiness Messiah offerings Holy Ghost
youth repentance Tabernacle blessing
tithing repent Salt Lake City valiant
Book of Mormon marriage Utah Heavenly Father
Bible Nephi service revelation
sisters vision organization fasting
testimony resurrection Atonement Son of God
transgression ordinance eternity