Faith and prayer: the story of Enos
(by Sharon Stone)

Sing: A child's prayer


Wild, ferocious, blood-thirsty, dwelled in tents, wandered about wilderness, skin girdle about loins, heads shaved, skilled in war, many ate nothing but raw meat, sought to destroy Nephites.

Worked the land, raised grain, fruit and animals, many prophets among them because many were stubborn and hard to teach- the only thing that would work was speaking plainly about the judgments of God.

Enos son of Jacob, son of Lehi All the people spoke and wrote in Hebrew but the leaders were required to learn Egyptian (see Treasures from the Book of Mormon - Volume 2 - W. Cleon Skousen) This is the language Jacob taught Enos. We assume Enos had not always followed his father's teachings because he felt terrible about his sins. While hunting in the forest he began to think of the words of his father concerning eternal life, and his soul hungered and he truly desired forgiveness of his sins. He prayed all day and night before receiving an answer. A voice came to him telling him his sins had been forgiven, and his guilt was swept away. How was it done?

Read verse 8... Because of his faith!

SONG: Faith

He then began to think about the welfare of his brethren, the Nephites. The Lord told him that he would take care of them according to their diligence in keeping the commandments. Enos' faith became unshaken and he continued his prayerful struggling for the Lamanites.

The Lord granted his desires because of his faith. Enos prayed that the records would be preserved even if the Nephites fell into transgression, so that at some future time, the Lamanites would read them and be brought to salvation.

Enos was told that his ancestors had asked for the same thing and that they had been given the same promise because their faith was strong like Enos'. Enos began to prophesy to his people of things to come and of his experiences all the rest of his days. Read verse 27

SONG: I Pray in Faith

SING: Faith (CS 96)

Enos began to think about his brothers, the welfare of the Nephites. The Lord told him that he would take care of them according to their diligence in keeping his commandments.

Enos had great faith, so he kept praying for the lamanite. Han opsendte hans hjertes bønner på because of his faith.

Enos prayed that the record might be preserve in spite of the nephites transgression, so that the lamanites one day could read them, and have salvation.

Enos was told, that his forefathers had asked the same thing, and had gotten the same answer, since their faith has been as great as his. Enos began to prophesy among his people about the things that was to come. This he did for the rest of his live.

Read verse 27

SING: Seek the Lord early (CS 108)