Olympic Winter Game activity
(idea from the internet)

Some of the activities could be:

Flags :

We are starting with the kids each getting a half piece of paper and a straw. They will then make their own flags about themselves, i.e. their hobbies, likes, goals, etc. The straw will be glues to the paper. (Debra Schindler)
Olympic stations:
Each child will be given a card with the names of all the "Events" and three places to put scores. Then hey can mingle to each event as they like and go back for multiple tries to beat their own scores. (Debra Schindle )
Throw with straws (Stefanie, Orem, Utah)
Ski jumping:
Using the steps from the chapel and doing "ski jumping". They climb up the steps and jump off. (We have portable steps in the chapel we use for the little kids on Testimony Sundays. We will move those steps into the cultural hall for the Olympic activity.) (Stefanie, Orem, Utah)
Feather volleyball
They try to keep a feather up for as long as they can. Each child does their own feather. (Debra Schindler)
Long jump:
They stand with the back of their shoes on the marked starting point and then see how far they can jump backwards without falling over. (Debra Schindler)
Figure skating: Ribbon dancing:
Using colored streamers. (Lynne in Newark, CA)
Basketball (Lynne in Newark, CA)


They try to get from one side of the room to the other using only their rumps, no hands or feet. (Debra Schindler)
High jump:
They stand and hold hands up over head and measure it taken. Then they jump as high as can and difference is written down. (Debra Schindler)


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