Follow the Prophet Indoor Olympics

Joseph Smith Standing Broad Grin"

Smile your broadest smile and measure with a ruler or tape measure and record

Brigham Young Foot Race to the West

Put toe of one foot against heel of the other and measure and record

The Missionary World Wide Stretch"

Arms outstretched and measure from tip to tip of middle fingers and record)

Wilford Woodruff Shot Put Your Names in for Genealogy

Toss 5 beanbags to a target on the floor and record score) the target is made with blue masking tape on the cultural hall floor. Tape four squares inside of each other, each one getting larger. 100 points for center, then 50, 25, 10.

John Taylor Stop the Bullet Discus Throw

Cut a "doughnut" shape out of the center of a large Styrofoam plate-make about 10 in case they get bent and won't fly well. Mark off, with blue masking tape on the cultural hall floor, five foot increments up to 25'. Let each child throw twice and take the best score. For exact distance, bring a tape measure and measure from nearest marked off distance.

Lorenzo Snow Javelin Throw Yourself Into the Lords Work

Insert a small stirring straw into a regular drinking straw, aim, and blow. The small straw will shoot out of the larger straw. Mark off increments of 2' on floor with blue masking tape. For sanitary reasons each child will have his own straws. Measure and record.

Gordon B. Hinckley 100 Yard Dash to Build More Temples"

Guide a Ping-Pong ball from point "A" to point "B" with a feather duster on the floor through a course marked out with blue masking tape. The course should be fairly straight with the exception of a few gentle curves and can go the length of the cultural hall. A start and finish line should be clearly marked and a stopwatch used to record the time. Add this to the scorecard.

To conclude, gather children together for the "awards" and treats.

Every child received an Olympic metal (made by stapling ribbon to a cardboard circle that was covered with gold metallic paper and a little Xeroxed insignia that said "Follow the Prophet 2001 Olympics Winner" as they lined up for treats.

Our treat was a "Power bar" (Rice Krispie Treat, and Capri Suns in the little individual "bags" .)