Mothers say gift: flower in ink
(by Angela Casablanca)

We made a cute little craft last year. It was inexpensive and very easy.

We cut a piece of cream colored card stock in half. Then we helped each child place their thumb prints in a circle on the card (about 5 prints) in red stamp ink. In green ink, they placed 2 prints in a sort of "v" shape. Then they wrote their name on the back.

We then added a little fuzzy puff ball in the center of the 5 red prints and drew a green stem coming from the flower down through the green prints. It was a very cute flower!!

At the bottom, we glued the following poem:

This little flower is special you see,
Because it was made from a part of me.
My painted thumb made each flower part
To show I love you with all my heart!
Happy Mother's Day 2001!