I'm trying to be like Jesus
(by Elaine Del Bello, CA)

I tried visuals, but what ended up being successful was motions. I'll try to explain the motions.

1st Verse
Jesus - point to picture of Savior
following - hands make "footsteps" forward
love - hands over heart
He - point to picture of Savior
Do - hands rolling (as in "Do as I'm Doing")
Say - point to mouth
tempted - cross fingers on on hand
wrong choice - shake head (as in "no")
listen - hand cupped to ear
still small voice whispers - finger next to mouth (as in "shhh")

love - hands over heart
you - point to each other
kindness - pet imaginary dog
gentle & loving - hug selves
deed - (see "do" above)
thought - point to side of head
things Jesus taught - open book hands (scriptures)

2nd Verse
love - hands over heart
neighbor - right arm around imaginary neighbor
serve - bow head, curtsy
friends - left arm around imaginary friend
watch - hand above eyes, searching
gladness - fingers at corners of mouth in a big smile
Jesus - point to picture of Savior
come again - hands out just slightly at sides
remember - tap side of head
lessons he taught - open book hands
Holy Spirit - one hand over heart
my thoughts - point to side of head