Temple activity
(by Gina Richards)

First we decorated the primary room as temple like as we could, we put white table clothes over everything, even some of the brown closet doors. And we brought our pictures from home of temples or Christ, and then brought some flowers and plant arrangements to make it very pretty and more temple like.

As the children came, we had them go in the classroom next door and take off their shoes. The invitations told them to wear white socks) and they put their shoes in that room before they could go into the primary room. (we had them put a piece of paper with their name on it, inside their shoe so they wouldn't get mixed up.
We had prayer and sang I love to see the temple.

Then we talked a bit about why they had to take off their shoes and where white socks and how it relates to the temple and wearing white, etc.

Then I showed the D&C and church history video part about the temple (I really wanted the FHE video one, but someone checked it out) and then also a little clip from the very end of "the Mountain of the Lord" video which is all about the Salt lake temple being built and there is about 1 minute near the end that shows the inside. The kids were very impressed with that and especially all the chandeliers. Then we talked a bit about the video and any thoughts or feelings they had on seeing those rooms.

Then we had a few speakers, each speaking 5 minutes or less.

First we had a girl who just turned twelve and has done baptisms for the dead,
Then we had a family that was sealed not to long ago,
Then we had one of our primary couple teachers who are being sealed in three weeks,
Last I talked a bit about my experience singing in the Mt. Timp temple dedication.

Temple obstacle course.

For the obstacle I found clip art that had to do with each station and made a sign for each station just to tape on the table

Then they were dismissed row by row to put their shoes on and they went outside for our going to the temple obstacle course.
We made little 4X6 cards that said at the top "On my way to the Temple Passport". Then on one side a small picture of the temple, then on the other side a circle where their first little sticker would go.

There were 7 stations and there were spots on their card to receive a sticker in each station when they passed it. 
(See the cards below. There are one with and one without stickers)

  1. The first was starting with primary, where they had to tell us their favourite prophet in order to begin the course.
  2. Then they ran to the next station, which was being baptised and they had a few questions to answer there.
  3. Then ”The scouts/achievement days” + dressing modestly (We wanted to encourage the kids to go to scouts and achievement days and we combined it with dressing modest) They had to put on an adult size suit or dress, then do a few jumping jacks, then take it off and run to the next station.
  4. The next one was graduating from primary where they had to recite an article of faith (the little ones had help).
  5. Then the next station was paying tithing. Here we had them wipe the church window and then do 5 sweeps of the sidewalk, then they got their tithing slip.
  6. The next station was going on a mission. At this station we had a big wheel for the little kids and a bike for the older kids and they had to hold a scripture bag while riding around the cones.
  7. Then the last station was the temple and they were asked a question about the temple and then they got their temple soap (look below)

When they were through with the obstacle course they came into the primary room to wait for everyone to finish and we played the temple bingo while we waited for everyone (the little ones colored pictures of the temple we printed out). Then when everyone was done with that (which they LOVED the bingo) then we went into the cultural hall and frosted their temple and angel Moroni cookies. I had pre-made them one of each, and the frosting. They had fun frosting and sprinkling their cookies, which we put in a bag for them to take home with a little paper attached that had facts about the salt lake temple and the angel Moroni.

It was a lot of work, but it sure was fun and I think all the kids enjoyed it.




Temple Soaps:
Let this soap be a reminder to you to be clean and pure throughout your lives that you may be worthy yo go to the temple.

Be clean in body, mind, heart and spirit.

Be clean in yor body inside and out.
Do not let unclean things enter your body.
Eat healthy and obey the word of wisdom.
Be clean on the thoughts and educate your mind.

Be clean in your mind.
Do not et unclean things enter your mind.
Think good, oure, clean thoughts and educate your mind.

Be clean in your heart.
Don't let anger in your heart, love all people and serve them.

Be clean in your spirit.
Stay close to the Lord through scripture and prayer
so you may be able to receive help from the Holy Ghost
when you need it.

"... sanctify yourselvs; yea, purify your hearts,
and cleanse your hands and your feet before me,
that I may make you clean." (D&C 88:74)


Salt Lake Temple Facts
Brigham Young saw the temple in a vision before they went to Utah, and he knew the exact place it was to be built.
Work started in 1853 and 5 years later when the military was on it's way to Utah, they covered up the temple with dirt and stopped work for 2 years.
It took 2 more years to uncover the temple. Then there were craks in it and they had to start over. The granite bloks on the temple weighed 2.555-5.600 pounds.
It took 40 yesra to complete the temple.

The temple was dedicated April 6th, 1893 by Wilford Woodruff and is the largest temple.
The prophet and Apostles meet every week in the Salt Lake Temple to talk about the church and to pray together.