Proclamation on the Family
(by Kim)


Do you have any rules in your family? What kind? Do you have rules about keeping your room clean, helping with chores, practicing piano, bedtimes, not watching certain TV. shows, speaking kindly to each other? Write answers on the board.

  • Explain the rules are to help us to be safe, to teach us love, to be law-abiding citizens, to prepare us for life.

  • MUSIC: "Quickly I'll Obey (CS 197). Pass around the bean bag as we are singing. When the music stops, whoever has the beanbag has to give an example of one way they can obey their parents.

    Did you know Heavenly Father has rules too? He has given rules/ commandments to your parents, rules about what they should do to protect you, to provide for your physical and spiritual needs, to teach you to love and serve one another, to help you observe the commandments of God.

    What person here on earth tells us Heavenly Father's rules?

  • President Hinckley, with his counsellors, issued "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" in Sept. 1995.

  • Define PROCLAMATION: manifesto, official announcement, declaration, written statement or testimony of beliefs

  • Previous declarations: Pres. Wilford Woodruff, Oct 1890, Plural marriage 
    Pres. Spencer W. Kimball, Sept 1978, priesthood to all worthy males
    In the proclamation, President Hinckley instructs parents on his "rules" for being parents.

  • VIDEO:

    Show video of Pres. Hinckley reading Proclamation, 9/95 RS Mtg of General Conference


    Pass out word search. Find the words of the prophets by reading forward, backward, down, up, and diagonally. Circle the words in the puzzle below. Underline the words in the paragraph above.


    Without rules, our homes wouldn't be nice and peaceful and we wouldn't learn the things we need to know. Just like our homes, Heavenly Father's home has rules that we and our parents need to follow to return to live with Him again. Our families are so special. Our fathers and mothers want us to be together forever just like our Heavenly Father wants us to be with Him forever. Your responsibility is to obey your parents rules as they try to obey Heavenly Father's rules/commandments. If you and your family members are obedient to Heavenly Father's commandments, you can be together forever.

    HANDOUT: Give copy of Proclamation to each.

    MUSIC: Families Can Be Together Forever (CS 188)