Missionary boxes

For Christmas we had the girls sign up (double-check with parents) to bring a few small items which we wrapped and put scripture references on, then made up boxes to send to each of the missionaries from our ward.

Here are the items with their scriptures:

Isaiah 7:15

Bit-o-Honey Candy

Psalms 24:3-4

travel size soap bar

D&C 6:33

small spool of thread

3 Nephi 14:20

small package fruit candy

D&C 89:6

grape gum

D&C 65:2

small key chains

D&C 84:79

Pay Day candy bar

D&C 68:6

small package Cheer detergent

Amos 4:6

tiny toothpaste

Nehemiah 8:10

small package sweetened Kool-Aid

D&C 9:8

small individual packs of Red Hots

Micah 3:7

Chap stick

Psalms 22:26

dried packages of soup

Matthew 20:9


Proverbs 13:7

one dollar bill

Matthew 25:35

small meat Jerky

Matthew 5:15

small birthday candle

Genesis 41:57

pop corn in small bags

1 John 2:12


Luke 2:7

small picture of Jesus

Psalms 115:6

small individual package of Kleenex