Pre-Conference Music Workshop
Notes taken by Rhonda Billings

Pre-Conference Workshop: Music Open House

"Sing Your Way Home"
Objective: To help leaders teach children the gospel through music, part 2.
Sing your way home (back to heaven)

Music is a heaven sent resource!

In leadership meetings teach all leaders to use music. This includes achievement day leaders, scouting leaders, teachers, nursery leaders etc.

But what if the leaders don't feel comfortable using music? They can use CD's, and direct them to the video "How To Teach A Song To Children"

Show them how music can be an attention-getter, a change of pace, and summarize the lesson or activity.

They wrote a harmony part to this song but is was not available to us there. I'm going to write to them to see if it is available. It was very nice. One leader had different colour of balls on a glove to lead the harmony part. The other leader had a big ball at the end of a stick to lead the regular song.

In teaching this song they used an attention getter, visual aids, directed listening questions, and movements. Thus we had repetition and that's how the children learn.


Music in nursery can teach the gospel, provide activity, and can be used as a transition from one activity to another.

Music can also prepare for prayer. Have background music playing and show a picture of Jesus. Share with the children that Jesus loves all of us. Name children by name...Jesus loves Cathy and Jesus loves Adam...etc. Now let's sing "We Bow Our Heads" to get ready for prayer. Some children are not ready to sing but they will listen to you. They are still learning.

The Primary 1 tape that goes with the lesson manual is now available on CD.

Use "Here We Are Together" and change words to move to a new activity.

"It's time to get together together together.
It's time to get together to hear a story.
We'll learn about Jesus and how much he loves us.
It's time to get together to hear a story."

Make simple instruments for "If You're Happy and You Know It"
Simple instruments bells on yarn
Straws blow toot toot
Paper plates stapled together with rice inside...etc

Play your instruments on the rests when you normally clap.


Music can help prepare for the lesson.

Listen to this song and march when you know what the lesson is going to be about. "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission"

Primary 6 Lesson 27 teaches about the Holy Ghost. Put you hands on your heart and listen to this next song and pat your heart when you hear something that you can do to seek the Lord. "Seek The Lord Early"

Music can help testify to the children of the truthfulness of gospel principles.

We sang both of these songs at the same time. It sounded cool. You can put any 2 songs together and sing them at the same time if they have the same number of measure, in the same key, and have the same time signature.

Introduce a song by playing Name that Tune. Can you name this tune in 2 notes? 3 notes? Etc.

Achievement Day Girls or Scouts could learn to play a song with pipe chimes like "I Love To See The Temple" and play it during singing time and accompany the children.

Get a long stick and put a red and blue balloon on each end. Sing louder when the red balloon is up and softer when the blue balloon is up. While singing "Keep the Commandments" As bar bells strengthen our muscles. Keeping the commandments strengthens our testimony.

Remember you are your best visual aid.

As we focus on what Elder Ballard said in Teaching No Greater Call pg. 117 we can sing our way home.

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