YW Transition Questionaire
(by Jan)


1. The average age of Relief Society members is:

A. 110
B. 111
C. 18-80

2. As a Relief Society member, you can expect to be:

A. Kept informed on the latest gossip
B. Bored to tears
C. Learn the gospel, share and learn new skills and talents, receive encouragement, love and understanding from others.

3. This years's focus in Relief Society is:

A. To tell sisters what to do and how to do it
B. To write and produce a daytime soap opera, "As the Ward Turns."
C. Joseph F. Smith

4. The Visiting Teaching Program is the Relief Society's way of:

A. Delving into personal business
B. Checking out to see if you cleaned your house.
C. Caring for the needs of the sisters and their families, and for making great new friends.

5. At Home, Family and Personal Enrichment Meeting, I can learn to:

A. sew, cook, clean (without tiring) for my future husband
B. Eat scads of chocolate and more chocolate without gaining a single ounce.
C. Do CPR and save a life, learn how to budget and get the most for my money, learn how to sew and cook and make great crafts, and get to know other sisters and their unique contributions.

6. The RS presidency is sponsoring this event tonight because:

A. We are videotaping the event to show to all your friends that you have nothing better to do on a Friday night.

B. We really care about all of our YW and hope you will soon join us. (Besides, we can be really cool at least sometimes!!!!!!)

7. If I were going to attend RS, it would be because:

A. I was forced to against my will
B. I took a wrong turn and instead of turning into the ladies room I ended up in the RS room
C. I felt welcomed and needed

8. My contribution to the RS can be:

A. Music (conducting, singing or pianist)

B. Teaching a lesson or new skill
C. Becoming a Visiting Teacher
D. A bright spot and a great addition to our organization

E. Other Suggestions