Service & Citizenship
(by Cary, CA)
  1. Historical Museum - We visited the one room museum and learned of the history of our area.
  2. Baby Quilt - We fabric painted a baby quilt that I had made for a new baby. We, also, made an easy casserole & cookies to take to the family & took it to them.
  3. Missionary Messages - We made up funny "mad libs" out of a Christmas song individually and sent them to the missionaries serving from our ward.
  4. Smile Face Pillows - I made a lot of circle shaped pillows and painted them with the smile face. The girls stuffed them for the activity. I, later, sewed them up and we gave them to a Children's Shelter.
  5. Clean the Church - We cleaned one afternoon.
  6. Animal Hospital - We visited an Animal Hospital and had a tour.