Education & Scholarship
(by Cary, CA)

  1. Visit a Company - We went to Apple Computer. We had a tour of their history and got free T-shirts.
  2. Pictures to Music- I selected 6 different types of music. The girls had to paint what each type of music made them feel, taking into account, speed & color.
  3. "What do you wanna Be? - Each girl came dressed as what they wanted to be when they grew up. They had their props and in turn told us about their professions.
  4. Wind Chimes - We made wind chimes out of pipes and talked about the weather.
  5. Pressed flower Bookmarks - I printed up some cute sayings on card stock. I had some small flowers that each flattened onto them and covered with contact paper on both sides.
  6. Wishing Well Careers - We looked at pictures of many careers and decided what we might like to do. We had pennies to throw in our "wishing well".
  7. Learning about the Blind - We had a blind woman come in with her dog. She also brought a Braille writer. She wrote each girl's name in Braille. She had a Braille children's book that she read to us.