I will follow God’s plan (CS 164)
(by Heather Roerdanz)

Years ago when I taught this song, I drew simple pictures for a lot of the words.

If you don't draw, you can find pictures from many sources.

I don't have a book here with me so the words I have here may be wrong but I
did something like this:

My life is a gift (picture of a gift).
My life has a plan (picture of a plan; like a house plan)
My life has a purpose, In heav'n in began (picture of heaven; maybe the great council)
My choice (CTR) 
was to come to this lovely (flowers) 
place on Earth (earth),
And seek for God's light (bright sun or Father & Son talking with Joseph in the grove)
To protect me from birth (child w/parents or in mother's arms or a new baby).

I will follow (footprints) 
God's plan for me (picture of Plan of Salvation).
Holding fast to His word (scriptures)  
and His love (heart)
I will work (wheel barrel or rake)  
and I will pray (child praying)
I will always walk in His way (footprints and Jesus)
Then I will be happy (smiley face)
on Earth (Earth)  
and in my home (house)
above (clouds) or (house in the clouds).

The pictures really helped the littler ones to learn the song.

Later I did things like covering pictures and singing without the pictures not singing
certain words and asking them what word was missing, etc.