The plan of salvation
(by Cynthia, Riverton)

I'll start with talking about the pre-existence. (The senior primary recently had a class lesson on the plan of salvation). I'm going to put a big cut out circle on the blackboard labeled "pre-existence".

I'll tell them that a long time ago before we were born, we lived in heaven. We were all there, every one of us. We didn't have bodies so we were just spirits and we could probably walk right through walls and even each other. We really wanted and needed to have a body like our Heavenly Father, so he told us a plan that would let us be able to get a body.

Sing: I LIVED IN HEAVEN, all 3 verses. (Have a few children come stand up in front with sheets draped around them so they could look like "spirits". Have one of them hold a picture of Christ.)

Then I will talk about how Jesus was chosen to be the one to give his life for us so that we could return to heaven again after we lived on earth. Then we each get to take our turn coming to earth and getting our bodies. (Put up a cut out circle on the blackboard labelled "earth life".

Sing: I AM A CHILD OF GOD (Have a girl and boy come up and sit in front like a mom and dad. Have one of them hold a doll that looks like a little baby.)

Then talk about how as we grow up we have lots of choices to make. Heavenly Father really wants us to keep the commandments so we can live with him again, but he wants us to choose for ourselves what we want to do. He has given us the scriptures and prophets to help us on our way.

Sing: KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS or another song. (Have a few children come up to the front who brought their scriptures to church with them. Have them hold up
their scriptures while the song is sung.)

Add any more songs that go along with the plan of salvation theme that you want and explain that if we do what is right, we can get back to Heavenly Father.

In the temple we learn more about that and learn a few more things that we need to do to get back to Heavenly Father.

Bear testimony of the plan of salvation and how happy we can be knowing this.

Sing: I WILL FOLLOW GOD'S PLAN FOR ME and turn the time over to the chorister to teach this song to the children.

Hope this helps to inspire you. Good luck and don't forget to pray and ask Heavenly Father for some help.