Spotlighting children
(by Tammy, Thousand Oaks, CA)

A great idea for spotlighting children next year could be to highlight how they are living the gospel.

Make a poster of a temple with a path leading to it.

Each week after being spotlighted, the child can put a footprint sticker on the path. The poster could say, "Living the gospel leads me to the temple."

As a Primary, you are all trying to get to the temple by the end of the year.

Call the parents (one Junior and one Senior) before Sunday to get the information. Examples would be paying tithing, being obedient, being a peacemaker, observing Sabbath Day, turning in lost money, etc. Be specific in the spotlight. We did this during this year and it worked great.

You can also use the spotlights in your Sacrament Meeting Program so don't throw them away.