8 suggestions for Service


"Our town has a volunteer fire dept. and rescue squad. To help them one year we had an activity day that centered around cleaning the fire trucks. This was a big help for our local volunteers and fun for the kids too. "


"We have an elderly sister in our ward that can't get out to church and feels lonely. So we adopted her as our "primary Grandma" We told her what we'd like to do, and she agreed. All the children know about our "grandma" and at each quarterly activity, and her birthday, and some achievement activities, we do something special for her, then I take a few children to her house to deliver the goodies or craft and card. She feels loved, and the children get to do a little service. We have taken a picture of her and will show it when we do stuff for her."


"I have done this activity day twice, in two different wards, on two continents. It is a simple idea that appeals to everyone. If you live near a Beehive Clothing Distribution Center, you can get all the boxes you need . Every family with Primary children in your ward or branch gets a free box of uniform size, which the Beehive Clothing center workers will happily donate to you. Each family decorates their own box as a
storage container for the things they use for family home evening. This is done before the Activity Day. They bring their family's unique box to the Activity Day to collect items given to them that day. The teachers and leaders organize several different stations or rooms for the children to rotate through, keeping brothers and sisters together in groups, and they learn and make things they can use at home to participate and plan for their own family's FHE's. For example, the groups can cover such things as musical ideas, stories, games, refreshments (especially those with an object lesson that tie in with the FHE lesson themes), and a station to make FHE assignment charts Use your imagination and your own local resources, and get as many people involved as possible. Invite parents to come with their children if they would like. This can serve as a way for the Valiant age children to accomplish the family service Gospel in Action goal, as they help organize future Family Home Evenings. It helps children of ALL ages to feel like a valuable part of their families who can contribute something of worth to their own FHE's. Have fun, and pass on the idea toers!"

PARK CLEAN-UP (by Elayn Dahl)

"For our Service activity day, we did this simple, easy clean-up. We met at a local park, and brought plastic shopping bags and gave one to each of the children. Each teacher was responsible for 4 or 5 children, and we covered the park picking up garbage as we went. The children were very enthusiastic. Afterwards, we let them play on the playground equipment while we got an easy lunch ready: hot dogs, chips, punch, popsicles. Be sure to have somewhere that the children can wash up
before eating. Relay games could also be played in the park, if desired. It was a very successful activity, and the children seemed to enjoy all of


"The presidency dressed up in trench coats, hats and sun glasses. I welcomed the children to our Secret Service Agents Training Mission and explained what a SS Agent is. I told the story of Jesus healing the leper and that Jesus then told him to go and tell no one. I told another story about 2 brothers that did secret acts of service for their neighbors.
Then we handed out Secret Service Briefcases. I have a pattern for making them out of 11X17 cardstock. However, large manila envelopes would work well also. Inside we had pictures of both stories so that they could go home and tell their families in FHE. Also included was a paper for them to list their secret service goals on for the week and Clue Cards (to be left secretly at the scene of a secret service.) The children then colored their briefcases and wrote their service goals. Next we divided into 4 rotation groups:
1. Relays: * dressing in a trench coat, hat and glasses * picking up trash (ten crumpled papers into a trash can) * stacking up books (represents picking up their rooms)
2. Learning the 13th article of Faith (the sister had written the first letter of each word on the white board to help with the memorization. After that, they sang the 13th article of faith song.
3. Write letters to the missionaries
4. Decorate cookies to take to their mother's (this was the day before Mother's Day."


We had an activity in a park that included dividing up the kids into the
four quadrants of the park and cleaning up for 1/2 hour. Each had his/her own little garbage bag. We had a cookout (hot dogs, chips, Kool-Aid) for lunch after and some organized games in the park.
1st half-hour - free play on the playground while stragglers arrived.
2nd half hour - organized games - races, etc.
3rd half hour - cleanup
4th half hour - lunch
Another activity involved planting flowers at the chapel - more a springtime than a fall activity, I think.
You could maybe hook it up with somebody's Gospel in Action award and have the other kids "help" with whatever the service project is.

Love your Neighbor (by Kimberli T.)

In our last Ward Council, our Ward Mission Leader introduced the idea of having a "Love Your Neighbor" month. This idea was presented to all
organizations to be taken back and passed on to each group. Instead of waiting to take a plate of cookies to your neighbor at Christmas, do it in June. Help your neighbor with their yard work, etc. This theme especially applies to non-members and inactives. You know...just being a friend and let the missionary work come later... Some ideas that I had were to plant a flower in a clay pot and deliver to some of the widows, etc., take goodies to the inactive children, service project (mowing a lawn)

Service projects we've done in the past as a Primary (by Debbie)