I Will Follow God's Plan
By Amy Griffeth

I got the idea at a stake meeting. I cut footprints out of craft foam in primary colors and on the footprints I wrote key words.

For the younger primary:

I placed the words down on the floor in a big circle and the kids walked on the feet while they sang the song and we did this over and over again and by the end of singing time they were sounding great.

I explained the gospel principles that are talked about in the song as we learned it.

For the older group:

I tacked the feet up on the board it looked like they were walking up the bulletin board and we sang through the song a couple of times and then I picked a few kids to come up and turn a couple of feet over.

This group was singing the song really good by the end of singing time too. It's so fun when they participate and sing out. Who would have thought feet could be so powerful (ha-ha).

Oh I forgot the first thing I did was I had a package wrapped really bright and cheery and I told them I was going to sing a song that talks about a wonderful gift that is one of the best gifts you can get and that they have eached received this gift and have it with them right now.

I sang the song and what was funny was the little kids didn't get the answer the first time through, I don't think they thought the answer would be in the first phrase.