I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus (CS 78)
(by Jen Schaefer, CA)

For those that don't have the Sign Language video but would like to teach the kids the signs to "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus," I've divided the phrases up into the signs you need to look up on the ASL Browser and a rough translation of the idea or concept being signed.


Here they are:

1st verse

I'm trying to be like Jesus
Signs: "I", "try", "similar" (do this sign from yourself to heaven which is up to the right), "Jesus"
Translation: I'm trying to be the same as Jesus

I'm following in His ways
Signs: "I", "follow" (do this sign toward heaven indicating following Christ to heaven), "His" (do this up to heaven indicating Christ), "path" (make sign as a straight path toward heaven)
Translation: I'm following His (Christ's) path to Heaven

I'm trying to love as he did
Signs: "I", "try", "love", "similar" (done toward heaven)
Translation: I'm trying to love the same as He does

In all that I do and say
Signs: "All", "do", "and", "talk"
Translation: In (not signed) all actions or deed and talking

At times I am tempted to make a wrong choice
Signs: "Sometimes", "tempt", "choose", "mistake" (also the sign for wrong)
Translation: Sometimes I am tempted to choose the wrong

But I try to listen as the still, small voice whispers
Signs: "But", "try", "concentrate", "calm", "overcome" (not on browser, but signed with both hands beginning at the waist back of hand facing out. move hands slowly up the body while wiggling fingers to indicate feeling the spirit come over you or being filled with the spirit)
Translation: I try to concentrate as I'm calmed by the spirit.


Love one another as Jesus loves you
Signs: "Love", "each other", "similar" (done toward heaven), Jesus
Translation: Love each other the same as Jesus

Try to show kindness in all that you do
Signs: "try", "show" (face palm out and make a circle from left to right starting at yourself, moving out, and then back to yourself), "kind", "all", "your", "do
Translation: Try to show everyone kindness in all your deeds or actions

Be gentle and loving in deed and in thought
Signs: "need", "gentle" or "soft", "love", "with", "do", "and", "think"
Translation: We need to be gentle and loving with deeds and thoughts

For these are the things Jesus taught
Signs: "for", "that", Jesus", "teach"
Translation: For that is what Jesus taught

2nd verse

I'm trying to love my neighbor
Signs: "I", "try", "love", "my", "neighbor"
Translation: I'm trying to love my neighbor

I'm learning to serve my friends
Signs: "I", "learn", "serve", "friend"
Translation: I'm learning to serve my friends

I look for the day of gladness
Signs: "I", "look at" (down with both hands toward heaven), "day", "happy"
Translation: I look toward the day of happiness

When Jesus will come again
Signs: "When", "Jesus", "come" (done with first finger on right hand simulating Christ descending from heaven)
Translation: When Jesus descends from Heaven

I try to remember the lessons He taught
Signs: "I", "try", "remember", "Jesus", "lessons"
Translation: I try to remember Jesus' lessons

And the Holy Spirit enters into my thoughts saying
Signs: "And", "Holy", "Ghost", "enter", "think", "say"
Translation: And the Holy Ghost enters my mind saying

Repeat Chorus