I’m trying to be like Jesus
(by Mindy Koch)

I still taught the sharing time, but added music.

I had pictures around the room (like the friend suggested) that represented trying to be like Jesus or pictures of Jesus. I tried to place them so that there was a picture of Jesus
healing someone, and then a picture of a dad trying to comfort a sick little girl (one of
the primary pictures that supplements the lesson manuals) next to each other. Or Jesus being baptized and a boy being baptized next to each other. Jesus praying and a child praying.

I also had a wall devoted just to pictures of Christ.

I had that set up before primary began.

Then, when my sharing/singing time began, this is what I did....

Sing: I taught the kids "Jesus has Risen" and went through it line by line bearing my testimony of each phrase.

We sang it through twice.

Then I asked the kids to think about if someone they knew died and they knew they would never see them again on the earth. How would they feel?

Then we talked about how before Jesus was resurrected, no one had ever been resurrected before. SO... every one who knew and loved Jesus thought he was gone
forever! (Until they met in the spirit world of course).
Can you imagine how sad they felt??
Then, can you imagine how happy and shocked they were when Jesus rose from the dead??? And visited them? And ate with them again???

Let's pretend we are on of the apostles and sing this song like they would have felt to sing it!
We then sang it through again twice WITH FEELING.

Then I switched to "I Am Trying To Be Like Jesus".

We already knew this song from last year, so this was what I did.

One class at a time, I had a child from each class go around the room and pick a picture that touched their heart and made them think about trying to be like Jesus.

I put it on the black board with their class name under it.

Then as we would sing, "I am trying to be like Jesus" I would point to the different pictures they had chosen and THAT CLASS would sing until I pointed to another

I also had a picture on the board that I had chosen that was an "All Sing" picture.

The kids loved it. They really paid attention and came in on cue most of the time.

Of course, we already knew this song from last year, so it was easy for us to do. If your kids don't know it, then you might want to assign a specific phrase to each picture for each class instead.