Song review
(by Mary Bonham)

My husband made a snowman on poster board. The snowman has no nose. We
played pin the carrot nose on the snowman.

I had 9 carrots (drawn and copied on orange card stock) and each one had a number on it. the pianist had a list of songs that matched the numbers. I love separating jr. and sr. (we just started that last fall).

I had a list for the sr. and a list for the jr. I am using their favorite songs (I got them for the countdown idea from this list).

In the past it was so hard because I like doing the action songs more with the little ones (they never get tired of it) and I like to the more difficult songs with the sr.

Today I had the full time because the class presentation teachers were both released last week.

First I reviewed the sign language to ”I love to see the temple”, then we did pin the nose and then I started the old testament song with the sr. my husband drew a book, 8 1/2 by 11, and I made copies for the whole bible. I wrote the books on each one alternating red and black. I plan to do the clothes in the future with the "books".