"Turning Hearts" Activity Day
(Jennifer, Melbourne Australia)

Parents will be invited to stay with their children for this one....For a few reasons...Firstly we could use a hand and we can also ask the parents to encourage their children to continue on with the journals at home (Good Sunday activity..). Children will be divided into three groups. Families staying together, so they can work together on the Family Trees.

Three work stations set up around the building.

1. Journaling:
Make your own "Journal Jar" kind of thing. But the journal will be in a lined exercise book with the questions printed onto a page of stickers for the kids to stick onto the pages. The children will decorate their own journal with a photo of themselves, that I will bring along (also bring digital camera with laptop and printer for visitors or ones I have missed on Sundays.. get my teen daughter to man this equipment..) and other stuff... yet to decided... I think that it will likely be scrapbook kind of cut-outs that the children can design themselves. Also there will be a "all about me" page to stick onto the front page. This could be started on the day by the super quick kids.. (you know the "all done!" ones, and you have just got to organizing everyone else..)

2. Birthday Page:
We have two children in our Primary that do allot of scrapbooking at home. We are going to get them to show the others what they have done and then each child in the group will do a "Birthday Page" to insert into the journals they have made on the day. They need to bring along a birthday photo on the day.

2. Family Trees:
Make your own Family Tree to decorate your walls... We will be doing this one outside. We will gather branches from bushes that can be assembled into a family tree. Break off branches that don't go the right way and stick onto a dark cardboard back. Remove the leaves and stick on paper leaves which have the names of your family on it. This one would be a family activity... I would like to use a glue gun for this one so if they work in groups the adults can do the gluing. Otherwise the glue would still be wet by the time they go home. I can just see the leaves sliding off as they walk out. Oh yeah they will also label the whole thing... "Potts Family Tree" or what ever.

3. Edible Temples:
I'm not sure yet what I'm going to use... Maybe a cake square, like a lamington for the Aussies, and dip it into a white icing mixture and, rolled in coconut or white sugar (that would look nice and sparkly...) then top it with a cardboard gold Moroni taped onto a toothpick. They can take these home.

Well, add a little talk about the temple and eternal families at the beginning and that's about it.

The invitation that the children got to make up last Sunday to take home to their family and friends.

I pasted on the computer 3 identical heart outlines onto a A4 page.
The hearts were in a row and where they curve out at the sides they were joined together. I hope this makes sense.
I put all the details of the activity onto one heart.
Then on the next heart I drew some children and wrote "...the heart of the children to their fathers.." 3 Nephi 25:6
The next heart I drew some ancestors... they looked a little old, but had kindly smile lines around their eyes...and wrote under, "...turn the heart of the fathers to the children..." 3 Nephi etc.

I photocopied these onto coloured paper. The children then cut around the three hearts, making sure that they didn't separate them. Some coloured them in, everyone wrote their name on it... Then the hearts were glued together. So it ended up looking like a Christmas tree decoration with the three heart sides...Again hope you can follow this....We then hole punched the hearts through the middle and strung it with some string. Then the invite string was wound around the child's button. So it was kept reasonably safe and we hoped a parent would see it. And maybe they would notice that the invite was "hearts turning"...