Plan of Salvation Jr. Primary
(by Nancy Schaffer, Wilmington Branch, Cincinnati Ohio Stake)

For Jr. Primary, who are usually very restless, I hope to get photos of each of their faces, copy them all onto iron-on transfer paper (they should all fit onto one or two pages if I do faces only instead of full bodies).

Then I am going to stitch simple hand puppets for each child and iron on his/her face. (If I don't have time to do the photos I will draw the faces with permanent marker to resemble the child's eye and hair color.)

Music: "Do As I'm Doing" (Just do 2 verses, led by Music Leader)

I know you like that song. It is like a game. Let's play Sister Schaffer says... I will tell you what to do, and we will see how fast you can do it.(Start with commands like stand up, touch head, turn around, stick out tongue etc. Then say things like love your mother, feel happy, learn about Jesus, have a testimony, etc.)


Some of the things you could do and show me with your body, but some of them
were things that you needed your spirit to do.

What are some of the things your body can do? (Run, play, jump, laugh, cry, hug and kiss, etc.)

Your body can't do anything without a spirit. Your spirit is the part of you that makes your body able to do all it can do.

Object Lesson
Lay a puppet on the floor in front of each child and ask them not to touch it yet.

Can your puppet do anything all by itself?

You have to put your hand in it to make the puppet work, don't you?

Show me what your hand can make your puppet do.

(Allow children to play with their puppets for a moment.)

Your body is a little bit like a puppet. It can't do anything by itself either.

What needs to go into your body to make it able to do things?

Your spirit is a little bit like your hand going into the puppet. When your spirit entered your body it made your body become alive.

What are some of the things your spirit does?

Your spirit is the part of you that feels happy and makes your body want to laugh. Your spirit can feel sadness and make your body need to cry. Your spirit can feel love and make your body want to hug your mom and dad. It is the part of you that makes your body alive!

What happens when you take your hand out of the puppet? Can it still move?

(Tell children to take their hand out of the puppet and put the puppet under their chair until after Primary.) Without your hand inside of it, the puppet can't do anything by itself. When your spirit leaves your body, your body will not be able to do anything either. This is what happens when someone dies. Their spirit leaves there body.

Did your hand disappear when you took it out of the puppet?

Put your hand up high so I can see if it is still there!
I can see that everyone still has a hand. That is like the spirit after someone dies. The spirit leaves the body, but it does not just disappear.
It goes somewhere else for a while, until the time comes for it to go back inside a new, better body.

This is part of Heavenly Father's plan too, and Jesus helped him make it so it will happen that way. Jesus' spirit went into his body so he could live on earth, then it left his body when he died, and it came back into his body when he was resurrected. Someday everyone who ever lived can be resurrected too. All of the Spirit children that Heavenly Father made will go back into their own special bodies.

Who created your Spirit?

God did. He is the father of our spirits. He is our Heavenly Father.


Do you think God creates wonderful things, or does he make ugly, "junky"

Since He only makes wonderful things, and He made your spirit, and made a plan for your spirit to have a body to help it learn new things, then you are wonderful too, aren't you!

Let's all say it together: "I AM WONDERFUL!" (Repeat a few times in different ways-whisper, loud, squeaky, holding your nose, etc.)


Heavenly Father wanted every one of the wonderful Spirits that he created, every one of us, to learn as much as possible. But there were many, many things that we could not learn without a body. So he created a plan for us have bodies, and he chose Jesus Christ to help him make the plan work.

Jesus helped Heavenly Father make a world where our spirits could enter our bodies, and where our bodies could live and our spirits could learn. We are in that world right now, living and learning just like Heavenly Father wants us to! Our lives are part of God's plan. We are all following God's plan!

Teach words to first part of "I Will Follow God's Plan". Use gestures. Do not attempt to teach the melody at this time.
Watch me and listen. Try to hear four things about your life, and my life.

My life is a gift (Extend hands as if giving a gift)
My life has a plan (Point to side of forehead as if thinking)
My life has a purpose (Make a fist and swing arm)
In heav'n it began ( Raise arms high)

Help children answer question and review each phrase. Repeat at least three

Now watch and listen again. When you hear what choice you made raise your
hand, but don't say anything.

My choice was to come to this lovely home on earth (Spread arms)
And seek for God's light (Hold hands to eyes like binoculars)
to direct me from birth. (Cradle arms as if holding a baby)

Repeat at least three times, then combine with first part and repeat entire

Have everyone stand and say it together again.

After children sit, very briefly express gratitude for Heavenly Father's plan.

You did such a good job learning that, I think we need to give our wonderful
selves a good "Primary Cheer" before we have music time!
(Lean to the left, Lean to the right, Stand up, Sit down, CHOOSE THE RIGHT!)