Twelve Easter eggs
Made as a poem

(by Laurie Ramos, Santaquin, Utah)

The True Easter Story

This is a story about Easter and how Jesus died for our sins.
He was mocked and crucified, then resurrected, all so we could live again.

Open up the first egg. Let's see what lies inside.
This cracker represents the Last Supper, the bread,
so we'd remember His body after he died.
(Small cracker; Mark 14:22)

Peter was Jesus' apostle, one of the chosen few.
But he denied Jesus, thrice say the scriptures, now look inside egg #2.
Jesus told Peter this would happen;
he would deny him three times, you know.
Three times throughout the night, before the cock did crow.
(Feather; Matt 26:33-34)

While suffering in Gethsemane, Jesus prayed,
"Oh Father, let this cup pass from me."
A sacrament cup represents this. You'll find it inside egg #3.
(Sacrament cup; Matt 26:39)

Now, open up the fourth egg - three pieces of silver you'll find.
Judas Iscariot, one of the Twelve, did something that wasn't so kind.
He went unto the Chief Priests and said,
"If I give him to you, what will you give me?"
For thirty pieces of silver, He would soon die at Calgary.
(Crumpled tin foil; Matt 26:14-15)

In egg #5 you'll find slivers of soap, representing Pilate
and how he washed his hands clean.
Saying to the multitude, "I am innocent of His blood. He is just.
So to it, ye may see."
(Soap shavings; Matt 27:24)

The sixth egg holds thorns, representing the crown
that was placed upon his head.
They began to salute Him, "Hail, King of the Jews!"
The people wanted him dead.
(Thumb tacs; Mark 15:17-18)

You'll find a nail in egg #7. In his hands and feet there were left the holes.
He was nailed to a cross which he carried himself into the place of a skull.
(Nail; John 19:17-18)

Look inside egg #8. What might this straw represent?
The soldiers argued over who got what of Jesus' entire raiment.
The soldiers took His garments and cast lots (or drew straws),
so, fulfilled, the scriptures would become.
The soldier to get Jesus' coat would have to draw the longest one.
(straw; John 19:23-24)

One of the soldiers with a spear pierced Jesus' side.
This is what the toothpick stands for that you'll find in egg #9.
(Toothpick; John 19:34)

Jesus' burial cloth is represented in egg #10.
Joseph loved Jesus very much and wanted to take care of Him.
He was one of Jesus' disciples. He begged for Jesus'
body after He had died.
He wrapped His body in clean linen cloth,
then went to the sepulcher and placed it inside.
(Piece of white cloth; Matt 27:57-60)

A stone was placed in front of the sepulcher and guards
were to stand watch day and night.
Until the earth quaked and an angel did appear
and caused them all great fright.
The angel descended from heaven and rolled the stone away from the door.
Egg #11 represents this, but wait, there is more.
(Rock; Matt 27:62-67 & 28:2-4)

Inside the twelfth egg you'll find nothing. It is empty just as
the sepulcher was later found.
After three days, Jesus was risen. Many people this did astound.
"Be not affrighted," the angel said to them, "He is risen, He is not here."
Now, this is the story of Easter - what a special time of year.
(Empty; Mark 16:5-6)

There's the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunts that are really fun to do.
But remember Jesus this Easter season and
always have His spirit with you.