Gospel In Action/Articles of Faith Motivator
(shared by Lisa Hall, auther unknown)

Here is a way to keep track of and motivate your Primary to learn the Articles of Faith and for your Senior Primary to complete their Gospel in Action.

Children are encouraged to memorize the Articles of Faith and are able to keep track of their progress with different colored beads on either a necklace (jr.) or on a Scripture zipper pull (sr.). Each Sunday children can come to the Primary Presidency member responsible (or all members of P.P.) to "pass-off" their Articles of Faith.


For Junior Primary:

Junior Primary children are given a necklace, which consists of a CTR shield shape cut from colored foam you buy at the craft store. On the shield are printed the words "Articles of Faith". Punch 2 holes in the top of the shield and string colored plastic cording through as the chain. The necklace is tied in a simple knot to slip over a child's head. When a child passes off (memorizes) an Article of Faith, you untie the knot, add the appropriate bead, and then tie it back up. If children lose their necklace they must start over (great incentive to keep track of them!)

For Senior Primary:

Senior Primary children are given a split ring to use as a scripture zipper pull. As they pass off an Article of Faith, the corresponding colored bead is added to the key ring. When they have earned all 13 A of F they receive a gold bead. The end product is a key pull with 14 colored beads on it.

On Sundays children would be allowed to come to your "desk" to pass of an article of faith (perhaps 2/Sunday?) If there is time before closing exercises and children can do it reverently you might permit them to come to you then. Children must be able to repeat A of F with only 1 keyword hint and are given 2 chances to repeat. If they need 3 times they must come back to do it the following week.

If children earn all 13 A of F, you can begin on the scriptures associated with the monthly themes or other favorite scriptures. This will help children prepare for seminary.