Prayer Soap

I'm just a little bar of soap made especially for you,
With lovingly mixed ingredients, and special message too.

Just as loving hands have mixed ingredients just right,
Your Heavenly Father's love made you, and fills your life with light.

He took the raw materials and mixed them one by one.
He made you a special child, unique from anyone.

Within this little bar of soap are special little things -
They can make you feel so nice, and feel the peace God brings.

To remind you that this life is sweet, a touch of honey was stirred.
And a drop of milk was put inside, to remind you of God's word.

And should your life get soiled, with sinful thought or deed,
Use prayer as your spiritual soap, to cleanse the soul in need.

So may this little bar of soap turn your thoughts above.
It is presented as a gift for you, to remind you of God's love.