"I believe in being honest" (CS 149)
(Notes taken by Mari)

I got a chance to go to the resource room and took notes like a crazy woman.

At any rate, one caught my eye that I would like to share with my presidency and with those of you who might be interested. Of course it can be adapted but I thought it was a great example!

Sing- "I Will be Valiant"

"One way we can be valiant is by being honest".
Show sword (paper), apples and cowboy hat..."What do these items have to do with being honest?"

Dramatization: The honest people of Ammon
Narrarate story of Alma 23 (verse 7 especially), class acts out the story, distribute paper swords to each child.

Sing-"Dare to do Right" -all march in place. come forward row by row to bury swords in pit (brown fabric or blanket)

Sing/Teach the first 2 lines of "I Believe in Being Honest"

Story: "Honesty and the Apples" Oct. '96 (do it as an interview to Jacob. Example: Do you like apples? I understand you didn't eat them for 30 years. Can you tell us about it? Then Jacob explains.

Sing/Teach 3rd line to "I Believe in Being Honest"

Joseph F. Smith" Oct. 96 Boys in cowboy hats dramatize story, interviewer asks why they didn't harm Joseph F. Smith

Sing/Teach the 4th line of "I Believe in Being Honest'

Sing the whole song-bear testimony

Memorize "My Gospel Standards #2-stand to recite.

Apply principle:
Retell the story of "The Ring" Apr. 98 stop and ask "What should Aubrey do?"
music leader says "We know the answer....let's sing..."I Believe in Being Honest"
Finish Aubrey's story-Asks if anyone has had an experience choosing to be honest to share.

Music leader has 3 or 4 songs to tie in...could share after each child shares

Conclusion-bear testimony...invites children to take sword buried from the "pit" to share story with families. Alma 23-24. challenge children to make a mark on the sword every time they are honest this week.