The Word of Wisdom CS 154
Fall 2001 Music Workshop

(notes taken by Cherri Hart)

Song, "The Word of Wisdom" CS 154.

Point to head when you know the answer to my question.

Sing the first phrase of the song. "The Lord has revealed the Word of Wisdom to Joseph Smith the Prophet."

Who was the prophet that the Word of Wisdom was revealed to? (point to head when you know)

Sing the phrase again.

Put picture of Joseph Smith on one face of cube. On another face, start with printed words, "The Word of Wisdom".

Now, half of you listen for how we follow, and the other half listen for what is promised.

"If we obey, and follow in faith, beautiful blessings are promised." ( point to head when you know). On one face of cube, put a picture of a girl reading the scriptures with the words "If we obey"above it and "follow in faith" below it.

Listen for three phrases that tell us what blessings will come. Remember, when you know, point to your head. Sing, "A clean body, a clear mind, a spirit in tune with the Lord".

Who are these promised to?

Point to your head when you know the answer.

Sing, "These are promised to all who follow the word and will of God."

The music cube has six faces.

Turn cube as you sing.

Sing song again, this time splitting into two groups. Sing first verse and second verse at same time.

Focused listening helps children learn the words and the meaning. When you teach a song, don't just say the words. Sing each phrase and have the children repeat after you.