3-fold mission of the Church
Beth in NV

Gathering activity: frosting and eating cookies shapes like the Salt Lake Temple and Moroni.

Sang: I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ

Discussed the purposes of the Church

1. Perfect the Saints
We touched briefly on many topics and then settled on the scriptures.
Sang: Book of Mormon Stories and Nephi's Courage

Reviewed some of the stories in the Book of Mormon.

I had a Book of Mormon reading chart that was given to them as they went home.

2.Proclaim the Gospel.
Played "Who am I?"

Gave a brief bio of Enoch, Paul, Ammon and Samuel Smith,

Sang: Called to Serve, Army of Helaman, I Want to be a Missionary Now and I Hope They Call Me on a Mission
Briefly talked about the Elders serving from our ward. Drew pictures and wrote letters to them.

3. Redeem the Dead
They made a new picture for their temple books... we had 5 different temples and under the picture it had a line about doing work for the dead.
Those who finished early played Temple Concentration using the 36 temple cards from the Jan to April issues of the Friend magazine. They each got to take one of the cards with them when they left.

Friend January 2002

Friend February 2002

Friend March 2002

Friend April 2002