Reverence Sharing Time
  (by Violeta, Orem UT)

For our ward conference, the stake primary president presented a beautiful sharing time on reverence.

This is what she did:
She told the kids that back when they built the tabernacle there were no microphones, so they built it in such a way that if every one was quiet they could hear a pin drop. She then showed them a safety pin (the biggest she had, she had a set of four) and asked them if they thought they could hear the pin drop by being very quiet, to which they say yes, and she proceeded to drop the pin and all the kids were able to hear. She then show them the next pin (smaller than the first one) and repeated the procedure, and so on with nest 2 sizes pins.

She had taken pictures and had make copied enlargements of the cultural room set up for a reception, the primary room, and the chapel. She also had a couple of pictures of the inside of the temple. She showed them each of the pictures one at a time and asked them questions such as:

What room is this?

What do we do in this room?

What things are appropriate to do in this room? and so on.

She told them how sometimes, we can have some physical activities in the cultural room, but the we also use it as the overflow for our sacrament meeting. She made the point that no matter what the occasion we must always act respectfully in the house of the Lord.

She then gave me (ward primary president) the set of pins, and told the kids that she would leave the pins with me as a reminder of how we are to act and behave in the house of the Lord.

She said that if the kids started to misbehave I could show them the pins and they would be reminded of the proper way to act.