"Temples are a sign of the true church"
Fall 2001 workshop, SLC
(notes shared by Cherri Hart)

Sharing times could include a picture of a path, picture of temple, Flowers

The flowers on the side of the path to the temple (symbolizes going back to live with Heavenly Father) are in three colors. They could be used to select songs to sing for this sharing time.

The first temple worship occurred on the mountaintops. Who were the first two people who worshipped in a temple? (Adam and Eve) They built an altar in Adam-Omdi-Oman and prayed to God. Put flannelboard figures of Adam and Eve on the path to the temple.

Later they had a portable temple, in the time of Moses. Can any of you tell us something you know about Moses? (responses like, he had the ark of the covenant, he parted the Red Sea) Put picture of Moses with Ark of Covenant on the path (GAK 108). Just as the Ark of the Covenant carried the reminders of covenants that the children of Israel entered into with the Lord, we also can carry something with us that helps us to remember our covenants. Many Latter-day Saints wear a ring with the letters, CTR on them. We know that they stand for "Choose The Right". Those who have been through the temple should also think of them as reminding us to have a "Current Temple Recommend".