"The Temple - I'm Going There Someday"
Workshop Fall 2001

(shared by Cherri Hart)


To strengthen each child's desire to receive all the blessings of the temple and to prepare now for temple blessings.

Song, "The Hearts of the Children" CS 92.

Families can be together forever

Video: children's comments telling what they know about the temple.

"When I'm twelve, I can go there and be baptized for the dead."

"People wear white to the temple."

"You go there to be sealed to your family."

We need to ask ourselves what we can do to help parents teach children about the temple. We can teach children that families can be together forever.

One of the very first things that Joseph Smith was taught was about the eternal nature of families. Malachi's prophecy is taught in Month 8, "We serve others through temple work". Teach the words to Malachi 4:6 by listing first letters of each word of the scripture. A H S T T H O T F T T C, A T H O T C T T F

Month 7, "Temples bless Heavenly Father's children throughout the world today"

Song "Truth from Elijah" CS 90.

Divide children into 2 groups.

The front group turns to face the back as they sing, "The hearts of the children have turned to their fathers", and then both groups turn a complete rotation while they sing, "have turned, have turned, have turned".

Sing, "Because of the truth they have learned from Elijah, have learned, have learned, have learned", put one hand in front, held cupping up and horizontally, spread open like a book, the other hand looks like it is plucking something from the book, then putting it in head. (repeat each time you sing "have learned".

Sing, "We as the children", point to self with both hands,

Sing, "can seek out our loved ones", put one hand to eyes like you are seeking.

Sing, "Preserving their names and their memory", open hands like a book of remembrance.

Sing, "We can strive to be worthy", strive, hand in fist, swing arm in front of body (by Golly)

Sing, "to kneel in the temple", a slight dip of the body as if you are going down to kneel.

Sing, "And bind them to us for eternity", link arms with neighbors.

Sing, "The hearts of the children have turned to their fathers, Have turned, have turned, have turned", for last refrain, children with hearts on a round stick rotate the hearts around in circles, or repeat the beginning movements.

Stories of your ancestors refers to family history. Ancestors are the grandparents of your grandparents.

"I love to see the temple"(Jan) 

We should work with Scouting, Achievement Day, and Quarterly Activities so that all focus on the temple.

Story of Aurelia Spencer Rogers' Farewell, Nauvoo Friend, July 2001. (GAK 501) 

Temples are a sign of the true Church

Sharing times could include a picture of a path, picture of temple, Flowers

The flowers on the side of the path to the temple (symbolizes going back to live with Heavenly Father) are in three colors. They could be used to select songs to sing for this sharing time.

The first temple worship occurred on the mountaintops. Who were the first two people who worshipped in a temple? (Adam and Eve) They built an altar in Adam-Omdi-Oman and prayed to God. Put flannelboard figures of Adam and Eve on the path to the temple.

Later they had a portable temple, in the time of Moses. Can any of you tell us something you know about Moses? (responses like, he had the ark of the covenant, he parted the Red Sea) Put picture of Moses with Ark of Covenant on the path (GAK 108). Just as the Ark of the Covenant carried the reminders of covenants that the children of Israel entered into with the Lord, we also can carry something with us that helps us to remember our covenants. Many Latter-day Saints wear a ring with the letters, CTR on them. We know that they stand for "Choose The Right". Those who have been through the temple should also think of them as reminding us to have a "Current Temple Recommend".

The Temple is the House of the Lord

Solomon's Temple was built 1000 years before Christ, in Jerusalem. (GAK 118)

Christ came to this temple when he first came to the temple.

Hold up a picture of this event. (Cover of this year's program outline)

Ask children, "Who is the boy?" "Where is he?" "How old is he?" "What was he doing there?" "Where are his parents?"

Show picture of Christ on the steps of the temple when he visited the righteous Nephites in America. (GAK 316)

Christ always comes to his house on earth, the temples.

Show a picture of the Kirtland Temple (GAK500).

What does this temple remind you of? (sacrifice, obedience, place where Priesthood keys restored, the concept of temple worship, and where Elijah appeared to restore temple blessings. Christ appeared in this temple to accept it as worthy).

Tell stories of the Kirtland Temple dedication, where angels appeared, heard a rushing noise, a pillar of light appeared above the temple to those outside, many people prophesied, and "The Spirit of God like a fire is burning" was sung for the first time. We can link together with all the temple dedications that have occurred by singing this song together. (Stories from Primary 5, p.141)

Song "The Spirit of God" Hymns 2.

We want the children to learn from our testimonies of the temple. President Hinckley always involves little children in the sealing of the mortar stones during temple dedications. Not only are they sealing up the mortar of the temple, they are sealing the temple into their hearts. We now have many new temples, reread the announcement for these. (Gordon B. Hinckley, Ensign, Nov 1997, 49) They have provided many opportunities for our children that are age 8 and above to participate in a temple dedication.

James E. Faust, Ensign Aug 2001, "Who Shall Ascend into the Hill of the Lord-"

Temples are places of learning

Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p 28.

Pictures of modern temples/why do we have temples in our time: http://www.lds.org/temples/faq/0,11264,1904-1,00.html

"The temple brings the blessings of heaven to earth" (Month 4)

The temple is a house of learning, and it teaches us about Heavenly Father's plan of salvation.

Signs: Pre-Mortal, Earth Life, Death, Spirit World, Resurrection- Final Judgement, Celestial (sun) - Terrestial (moon) - Telestial (star) Choose helpers to hold the sign in that order.

Select 4 helpers. Mother, Father, son. (apron, tie, baseball cap) and baby (baby blanket). Mother and father and son are in earth life. They are waiting for baby. Baby leaves Pre-Mortal life and joins family. They ask her what she can remember about the Pre-mortal life. She answers that she knew Heavenly Father and lived with him, but she is too little to talk about it, and by the time she is old enough to talk, she can't remember. They move on to death. Father dies. What happens to the body and spirit when we die?

Laminated pictures of the temples in operation today could be placed on each chair. The beanbag is passed with the music playing "I Belong to the Church" CS 77. When the music stops, the person who the beanbag stops on shows his temple and says where it is located. They had two beanbags going, one from the front, one from the back, eventually to meet in the middle. Then they had all the people stand up who had temples from North America. Then those from Central America, then those from South America, Asia, Europe, The Islands.

Now is the time to prepare to go to the Temple

Story of: Adjoa Darkoa Asare-Addo of Accra, Ghana Friend, Oct 2000.

Ordinances - pictures from Primary Art 3-21, 3-13, 1-12, 3-59, 1-8. Hold up pictures and show, ask what ordinances are being shown in the picture.

Go over glossary in the outline to help explain temple concepts such as covenant, dedicate, endowment, ordinance, recommend, sealing.

"My body is a temple" (May)

Look at Oct 2000 conference talk from Sister Nadauld, Ensign, Nov 2000, 14. "Our outward appearance is a reflection of what we are on the inside."

A great exercise is to look up "modesty, body, sanctity of, and temple" in the topical guide.

Song, "The Lord Gave me a Temple" CS 153.

Story of Papi, from "Temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints", p 74

When we attend the temple, we should bring the same sweet spirit that we feel there to our homes. The word "Temple" reminds us of the word "template" - strive to pattern our homes after the temple.

Boyd K. Packer, in Ensign, April 93, 18, talks about the temple and how it is only compared to the sanctity of our homes. (not found online, sorry... Conny Hillgaard)

Song, "I Love to see the Temple" CS 95. Children could draw pictures of temples and the things they learn about there. Have children's pictures of the temples on roller TV to show as you sing. Try to match pictures to the words of the song.