"The Temple is the House of the Lord"
Fall 2001 workshop, SLC
(notes shared by Cherri Hart)

Solomon's Temple was built 1000 years before Christ, in Jerusalem. (GAK 118)

Christ came to this temple when he first came to the temple.

Hold up a picture of this event. (Cover of this year's program outline)

Ask children, "Who is the boy?" "Where is he?" "How old is he?" "What was he doing there?" "Where are his parents?"

Show picture of Christ on the steps of the temple when he visited the righteous Nephites in America. (GAK 316)

Christ always comes to his house on earth, the temples.

Show a picture of the Kirtland Temple (GAK500).

What does this temple remind you of? (sacrifice, obedience, place where Priesthood keys restored, the concept of temple worship, and where Elijah appeared to restore temple blessings. Christ appeared in this temple to accept it as worthy).

Tell stories of the Kirtland Temple dedication, where angels appeared, heard a rushing noise, a pillar of light appeared above the temple to those outside, many people prophesied, and "The Spirit of God like a fire is burning" was sung for the first time. We can link together with all the temple dedications that have occurred by singing this song together. (Stories from Primary 5, p.141)

Song "The Spirit of God" Hymns 2.

We want the children to learn from our testimonies of the temple. President Hinckley always involves little children in the sealing of the mortar stones during temple dedications. Not only are they sealing up the mortar of the temple, they are sealing the temple into their hearts. We now have many new temples, reread the announcement for these. (Gordon B. Hinckley, Ensign, Nov 1997, 49) They have provided many opportunities for our children that are age 8 and above to participate in a temple dedication.

James E. Faust, Ensign Aug 2001, "Who Shall Ascend into the Hill of the Lord-"