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Fall 2001 Music Workshop
(notes taken by Cherri Hart)

If you have a grandma, raise your right hand. If you have a grandpa, raise your left hand. If you have grandparents, raise both hands and shake them, then put them in your lap. Song, "I Am a Child of God" CS 2. Sing fervently, singing about your Heavenly parents with the same feelings that you feel for your earthly parents.

Choose a child, give them a teddy bear to hold.

That child goes out and chooses two people, a girl and a boy, to be parents. Mom gets keys, Dad gets tie.

Each sign their first name onto the pedigree chart in the appropriate spot.

Sing first line of "A Happy Family" CS 198. Girls stand and sing first line, boys stand and sing second line. All sing the ending. Mother and Dad then choose two people each to be the grandparents, and they sign their first name on the pedigree chart. Grandpa 1 gets golf club, Grandma 1 gets gardening tool, Grandpa 2 gets apron (for barbecuing) and Grandma 2 gets running shoes. Repeat the song, using Grandma and Grandpa.

Song, "Family History" sung to tune of "Genealogy" CS 94.

Choose the family member you identify with and stand when their name is sung. Words will have to be found out.