From My Mommy being with Me

I felt her cheek against my face, Giving me life's
first embrace, Whispering softly in my ear, Of the joy she felt in my being here. My heart rejoiced as I felt my worth, For through her pain I was given birth. And life began..... With MY mommy being with me.

Her heart I heard while I lay to rest, As she held me tightly against her breast. Comforting her newborn's anxious cry, Then she sang to me a lullaby. From her lips, the sweet sounds would start, And come to rest within my heart. And my soul was calmed ... from MY mommy being with me.

Itsy Bitsy Spider and Peek-a-boo, Patty cake and I see you, Here is the church house, here is the steeple, open the door and see all the people. For hours in her lap, I'd giggle and stay, Sharing the games we loved to play. And I learned to laugh... from MY mommy being with me.

First to crawl and then to stand, Holding tightly to her hand. Then a step, then two or three, She seemed so very far from me. I reached out my arms, as I often do, She kneels and reaches her arms out too. I would walk in life... From MY mommy being with me.

A child's job is a search for fun. She saw to it that my job was done. Jumping rope, she held the ends, Made picnics for my childhood friends, A big-girls bike, I learned to ride, as she ran closely by my side. I learned the freedom of a child... From MY mommy being with me.

On the first day of school my heart felt fear. I knew my mommy would not be near. As she kissed my cheek and squeezed me tight, She told me things would be all right. With reservation, I watched her leave, yet felt the faith that she had in me. I would know the world.. from MY mommy being with me.

By her example, she taught simple truth - the lessons I'd carry beyond my youth - to be respectful, grateful and kind - to be worthy of the trust of all mankind. And slowly, so slowly I understood the wisdom in her motherhood. And I learned values... from MY mommy being with me.

In her hands I found self worth. As I was taught the pride of work, In her eyes, I learned to see, the very best there was in me. From her heart, I felt my worth as a heavenly child on this earth. My confidence would grow...
from MY mommy being with me.

The caterpillar of my youth could not escape the hopeful truth - I would soon exchange my childhood things trading them in for butterfly wings. As I changed from child to a young, anxious girl, She would help me enter this strange new world. I leaned to accept myself.. from MY mom being with me.

Frustration announced my teenage years, Testing me with teenage fears. Asking the mirror in front of me, If I truly could be all I wanted to be. But she with her wisdom, love and insight, Would gently guide me toward the right. I found in her my closest friend... from MY mom being with me.

As a young adult, it had come the time to leave behind, All that I had found comfort in - Home, community, school and friends. She had taught me well and I would be the sum of her praise and humility. I learned happiness in my own company.. from my mom being with me.

Freely, she would let me go Into what - I didn't know. Relying on lessons she'd given since birth. To
guide every step as I walked on earth. Lessons guiding me in each grown-up choice, In the back of my mind often hearing her voice. Rejoicing each day that she and no other had claimed in my life the title of mother. I would learn and honor the role of mother and wife... From my mother being with me

As a bride, I enter and now can see the man that I love is waiting for me. And as all through my life, she is with me again - my mother, my mentor, my teacher, and friend. Her smiles and tears as I pass her way, bless forever my wedding day. I hope she knows how much I love her... and her always being with me.

I feel my child's cheek against my face, as I give to him life's first embrace. I whisper softly in his ear, of the joy I feel for him being here. Oh how I cherish the gift of his birth - because of her, I complete my worth. His grandmother cries.. and I thank God that she is with us.