21 ideas to involve young children in FHE
  1. Allow your child to practice by giving the opening or closing prayer.
  2. Let your child plan and prepare (help) FHE treats.
  3. Have a singing night -- sing primary songs and teach your child to lead. Play “Name that Tune.”
  4. Play children’s games such as Hide and Seek or Red Light Green Light.
  5. Go to the zoo or pet store during the day - later have a lesson about the
    animals seen.
  6. Use pre-made family activity packets with fun lessons and games, and ideas for the whole family.
  7. Join or create a Family Home Evening group where ideas and lesson packets are exchanged. Watch your resources expand!
  8. Write a letter to each member of the family and express the positive things about them.
  9. Put on a family play -- dress up in costumes, videotape it if possible to watch at your next FHE.
  10. Dress up as scripture characters-- play charades to guess who each person it.
  11. Set up a tent and have FHE outside. Make s’mores and have a lesson about nature.
  12. Have a poetry night-- encourage each child to express ideas and feelings in a creative way.
  13. Watch animated church videos.
  14. Have a scavenger hunt at neighbors’ homes.
  15. Prepare fun FHE kits that your child can learn to teach from .
  16. Make homemade ice cream.
  17. Play “Mormon Bingo” or “Celestial Pursuit.”
  18. Write a letter to a missionary -- have a lesson about missionaries and sing “I Hope they Call Me on a Mission.”
  19. Go through old photo albums. Show your child what he looked like as a baby.
  20. Organize a fun chore chart and use chore coupons as incentives. Be creative.
  21. Have a family talent show. Invite a family over.