FHE with Teens: The 6 BE's

Spend six weeks of FHE reviewing the six “Be’s” with your teenagers or younger children from President Hinckley’s 12 November 2000 Fireside talk. Here are some ideas for the activities and lessons:

1. Be grateful.

Have paper, pens, crayons, markers, etc. available for youth to write Thank You notes to their parents, teachers, siblings, grandparents, etc. Mail the notes to the intended recipient.

2. Be smart.

Set up a Jeopardy game so the youth can use information they've been learning in Seminary this year. (You could also substitute any number of scripture mastery or scripture knowledge games in place of Jeopardy.)

3. Be clean.

Perhaps use one of the shorter church morality videos (or another appropriate video clip). Or, you could have someone review President Hinckley's recent guidance regarding dress, grooming, and morality (from his 12 NOV 00 Fireside and his October Relief Society meeting and General Conference talks).

4. Be true.

This might be a little more ambitious than the others... But perhaps some youth could perform a small appropriate selection from Hamlet -- or an appropriate excerpt from "A Man for All Seasons". ...a mini-play, if you like, stressing the importance of being true to yourself.

5. Be humble.

Have students "decode" various Scatter Puzzles (which parents create beforehand) that highlight various elements or examples of humility. (You can learn how to create a Scatter Puzzle at http://www.KenAlford.com. Select Click here for Ideas and Samples and then click Scatter Puzzles.)

6. Be prayerful.

Have youth leaders read/share short stories and examples from church history and the scriptures regarding prayer.

Adapted from Ken Alford’s Super Saturday “BE” Activity at http://www.ldsseminaryfiles.com