10 ways to make singing fun
(M'Lee Jackson, Moses Lake, WA)

Use a slinky while they are singing, as you pull it out bigger they sing louder, when you shrink it up they sing softer.

I made a giant pair of ears and attached them to a head band. I wear them,
or pick a child to wear them, to remind them to sing louder. (I look ridiculous, but they love it!)

Get a pizza box, make a pizza out of poster board, they pick and choose "slices" with the songs on the back

Put names of songs taped to the bottom of a muffin tin, have the children throw a bean bag and whichever cup it lands in is the song you sing

Get a giant spiral pad of art paper that you can either draw pictures, or use clipart pictures. this way all of your songs are together and you can flip the pages back and forth

Use a "traveling microphone." Walk around the room with a microphone while the children are singing, holding it in front of different kids while they sing

Video tape them while they sing and play it back for them

I have these funny-face pictures of musical sounds, such as: "ooo", "ahh", "ohh", "hum", "la-la", "words", "eee", These are great when learning the tune to a new song. I flip through the pictures every couple of measures and it is hilarious hearing them sing these sounds. I make them really exaggerate the sound and facial expression. They LOVE this and it is a very excellent tool to learn new songs.

I made a large musical staff on a poster board. The kids pick music notes with the songs on them and then they can put the note anywhere on the staff they want. After we sing all the songs I turn the poster toward the pianist and she plays their "composition".

A spinning wheel with sections labeled: "turn around and sing to the back of the room", "sing with your hands over your ears", "teachers sing", "sing acapella", etc.