Temple water party
by Jennifer Nielsen

We opened with an obstacle course for all the kids.

This worked well as a gathering activity because kids who came late just got into line. The analogy to temples is that sometimes things get in our way to get to the temple, but weve just got to keep moving forward and get ourselves there.

Then we divided into four groups of approximately ten for rotations.

Temple Toss:
Throw water balls as far as they can.
The markers were made of pictures of the temple. The temple closest to us was the nearest marker, then the temple markers moved back in order of distance from us. This way the kids could say, I threw all the way to the Hong Kong Temple. We put their names on a poster and will hang it up Sunday.

Temple Water Balloons:
The kids had to answer a trivia question about temples, then they got to run with a water balloon and sit on the balloon to pop it. This worked like a relay with teams.

Spoons and water:
The kids formed two lines, then took a spoon of water, raced it to dump in a cup. The team with the fullest cup at the end won. The analogy to temples was that our little donations of tithing work together to help build our temples. So even though one ”spoonful” our few pennies doesn’t seem like much, put together, they build temples.

Temple Water limbo:
A leader holds a running hose for the kids to limbo under.
Each round, the hose gets lower to the ground. These are showers of blessings we receive for going to the temple.