What can I do to be a missionary?
(Terri Finney)

Here's something I'm going to adapt for a handout to help the kids prepare to be missionaries. I'm going to make mine a calendar for the month of Oct.

Here are twenty-five things you can do to be a missionary. Make a check by an item each time you do it during the month of November. During family home evening, try challenging family members to do some of the items from the list.

[ ] 1. Memorize at least one scripture every week this month.

[ ] 2. Invite nonmember friends to come to your home after school to play.

[ ] 3. Start, or add to, your missionary fund.

[ ] 4. Tell someone the Joseph Smith story.

[ ] 5. Write letter to missionary.

[ ] 6. Offer to do service without pay for nonmember neighbor.

[ ] 7. Pray morning and night.

[ ] 8. Memorize hymn from the Church hymnbook.

[ ] 9. Learn to fix flat tire on bike.

[ ] 10. Attend Church meetings and listen well.

[ ] 11. Obey Word of Wisdom.

[ ] 12. Attend friend’s baptism.

[ ] 13. Pray for missionaries.

[ ] 14. Learn to mend your clothing and sew on buttons.

[ ] 15. Say hello to two new people at school.

[ ] 16. Read ”A Very Good Day” in Friend, October 1984, page 2.

[ ] 17. Give someone Book of Mormon with your testimony written inside.

[ ] 18. Learn to do your own laundry.

[ ] 19. Suggest that nonmember or inactive family be invited to family home evening.

[ ] 20. Learn to play and sing ”I Want to Be a Missionary Now” (Friend, Oct 1984, page 46).

[ ] 21. Bear your testimony in sacrament meeting.

[ ] 22. Share Friend magazine with someone.

[ ] 23. Give referrals of nonmembers to missionaries.

[ ] 24. Find out why Paul of Tarsus was such a good missionary.

[ ] 25. Set good example by being honest.

Do you want ”to be a missionary now” and when you’ve ”grown a foot or two”?

Here are a month’s worth of ideas that may help.

Feel free to switch the dates of activities and to add or substitute ideas of your own.

You may even decide to do some of these things every day of the month.

  1. Memorize a verse or more of scripture.
  2. Write a letter to a missionary.
  3. Listen to general conference. Pay special attention to counsel that could help you as a missionary.
  4. Listen to general conference again. With your parents permission, invite the full-time missionaries to dinner.
  5. Learn how to change the sheets on your bed, tie a necktie, sew on a button, pack a suitcase, or shine your shoes.
  6. Get up at 6:30 A.M. and read the scriptures.
  7. Earn some money for your missionary fund. (Don’t forget tithing.)
  8. Make a new friend.
  9. Learn how to say ”Hello”, ”Good-bye”, ”How are you?” and the name of the Church in a foreign language.
  10. Help sort, wash, fold, and iron clothing.
  11. Take a friend to your Sunday meetings.
  12. Lead the music or bear your testimony in family home evening.
  13. Repeat the Articles of Faith, or name the books in the Book of Mormon or the Bible.
  14. Do an act of service.
  15. Write a letter to your parents.
  16. Read a chapter in the Book of Mormon and pray about it.
  17. Help shop for food and cook a meal. Try to eat something healthful that you’re not sure that you’ll like.
  18. Pray for the missionaries and visit someone who is ill.
  19. In family home evening tell about Joseph Smith’s First Vision or teach some other missionary concept.
  20. Give a copy of the Book of Mormon to a nonmember friend.
  21. Try to set a good example all day; also, write in your journal.
  22. Try really hard to get along with your brother(s) and/or sister(s). Think of them as
    your missionary companions.
  23. Share the Friend with someone.
  24. Help clean the house.
  25. Try extra hard to be reverent in all your meetings.
  26. Say the opening or closing prayer in family home evening.
  27. Talk to someone who has been on a mission about his or her experiences.
  28. Knock on your own door and introduce yourself as a missionary.
  29. Don’t watch any television. Instead, take a long walk with an older family member.
  30. Do exercises to keep your body healthy.
  31. Dress as a missionary for your ward/branch Halloween party.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven (Matt. 5:16).

Have you ever been just a little bit afraid of the dark? Have you ever been in a place that was so dark that you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face, even with your eyes wide open? If youšve ever been afraid of the dark, or been in a deep, dark cave, then you know how welcome a ray of light can be. Even a small light makes a big difference in a dark place.

Jesus Christ taught those who followed Him that they were ”the light of the world.” He said that you donšt light candles and put them under baskets. When you light a candle, you put it on a candlestick so that it gives light to everyone in the room. He told us, ”Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (See Matt. 5:14-16.)

What does that mean?

It means that if you are a good example, if you ”let your light shine”, then when other people see your good example, they will know that you love Heavenly Father and they, too, will want to honor Him.

How can you let your light shine?

One way is by keeping the commandments and choosing the right. When we are honest, when we keep the Sabbath holy, when we are kind, we are letting our lights shine. When we obey the Word of Wisdom, when we dress modestly, when we use the names of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ reverently, we are letting our lights shine. Each small light makes a big difference!

There is another way we can let our lights shine.

Elder Henry B. Eyring’s friends call him ”Hal”. He told a story in general conference about a friend he once worked with. His friend was a good person who loved his family. Elder Eyring never told his friend about the gospel and how families can be together forever. One day, he heard that his friend had died. Elder Eyring said that he sometimes wonders if he will meet his friend in heaven and his friend will say, ”Hal”, you knew”. Elder Eyring shares his testimony with people all over the world. When we share what we know about the gospel with others, we are letting our lights shine.

We can be good examples. We can share our testimonies with others. We can be missionaries now and invite our friends to Primary and to Primary activities. Blessings will come to others and our faith in Jesus Christ will grow when we let our lights shine.


To make a double-puzzle family home evening game, mount page Liahona 1999 on heavy paper. Fold in half on the vertical straight line, and glue the backs together. When the glue is dry, cut out the puzzle pieces on the heavy lines and put them into a small container. Have a family member take a puzzle piece from the container and pantomime (act out without using words or noises) what is shown on the small-picture side of it that we can do to share the gospel. Let others guess what it is, then show the picture and post the puzzle piece, candle-side up. Repeat till the puzzle is finished. Remember, each good thing we do helps our light shine.