Music game: Hide the Note
(shared by Terri Finney, Ft. Worth, TX)

This is a game that can be used with the same materials made for the Name That Tune game above. First have a child leave the room, then have another child pick one of the black notes and hide it somewhere in the room. Have the other child come back into the room and try to find the hidden note. To help the child find the note, have the other children in the room sing a song-- loudly when the child is close; softly when the child is far. It may be wise to remind the children to stay reverent even while singing loudly, and set some rules as to how difficultly the note may be hidden (for example, the note should partially show, or the note should be hidden in a certain part of the room, etc.)After each child has found the note, have him/her place that note on the poster board with the music staff written on it. At the end of singing time, have the pianist play the song the children have written themselves!