A quality nursery
(by Terri Finney, Ft. Worth, TX)

Many qualities help to make a successful Nursery.

The Nursery should be... Clean and Orderly...

  1. Create an atmosphere of cleanliness and order. Encourage the children to participate in clean-up experiences.
  2. Designate areas for books and toys, with a special place for materials which stimulate an interest in music.
  3. Wash toys on a regular basis, repairing or discarding as necessary.


  1. Have on hand "filler" ideas for unexpected situations.
  2. Cover small tables to resemble houses or tents for children's play areas.

Spiritually Enriched

  1. Provide opportunity for the children to develop an awareness of Heavenly Father and Jesus. Everything in the nursery should reinforce gospel principles. These principles will be learned through all the nursery activities.
  2. Say a blessing with the children when snack is served.
  3. Use a prelude of Primary songs in the nursery. This will help the children feel comfortable and become familiar with the Primary songs.
  4. If you sing the same prayer song each week, the children will become familiar with it and know that the prayer follows.

Child Oriented

  1. Strive for age-appropriate experiences which will allow children to contribute on their own level.
  2. Let the children make simple things to take home.
  3. Make individual name tags for the children and place them on a bulletin board. These tags could be associated with a particular color, animal or object. Any take home items or creative work the children do could be displayed by each tag. This also helps the parents identify and pick up their child’s work.