The story of the "ANTS"

(Auther Unknown)

There once was a family of ants. There was Mother Ant, Father Ant and six little ants named Persist Ant, Observ Ant, Pleas Ant, Dilig Ant, Obedi Ant, and Serv Ant.

They were a happy family. They lived in a nice comfortable ant hill that Father Ant had worked hard to make,and Mother Ant always kept it looking very clean and nice.

Every day the six little ants would march out of the ant hill in a straight line to go to school and come home the very same way. You could always tell who was who even though they looked very much alike.

Persist Ant was always the first and made sure everyone stayed in a line. Mother and Father Ant told him to keep the line straight and of course he did even though the others often complained. But thanks to Persist Ant, they always made it to school and back.

Observ Ant came next. It was a good thing Persist Ant was first because Observ Ant was always so busy looking around he didn't walk very straight. Observ Ant always noticed the beautiful sky and he always saw the good in everything and everyone.

Pleas Ant was easy to pick out. He always had the biggest ant smile in the world plus when the sun would hit his braces, it would be the brightest ant smile in the world, too. He would smile at everyone and wave as they passed by. Everybody knew and liked Pleas Ant because he was so fun to be around.

Dilig Ant was the easiest to pick out. He wore ant glasses. There were not very many ants that had to wear glasses, but Dilig Ant did because he spent so much time studying. He was so diligent that when his teachers assigned a chapter to read, he would read the whole book. No matter who gave him something to do, he always did a good job.

Obedi Ant was the only girl and the kind of ants all parents love. She always made her bed and helped with the dishes and never got in fights. She did everything she was supposed to do. Her parents and her friends always trusted her to be the example.

Last in line and the smallest, too, was Serv Ant. Although his brothers and sister were good ants, he was the favorite of all. He was often quiet but always dong somthing for others. He would help with the house work and help Dad outside. If Persist Ant was having a hard time getting everybody in line for school, you could bet Serv Ant was right there helping. Or if someone were teasing Dilig Ant about being a "four-eyed" ant, Serv Ant was always there to defend his brother and make him feel better. Whenever he felt sad or lonely or angry, he would do something for someone and those feelings would go away. But he was very rarely sad, lonely or angry because he felt happy when he was helping.

He not only helped his family, but he helped the neighbors as well. All of the other ant families knew that if they needed anyone to help, Serv Ant would be there for sure. Plus, Serv Ant never wanted to be thanked or paid for anything he did. He was loved by everyone.

Even though Serv Ant was always in the back and usually quiet, everyone couldn't help but notice how happy he seemed. When others would ask why he was so happy, he told them it was because helping others made him happy.

Now Heavenly Father loves ants just like he loves people. He was proud of Persist Ant because he knew how to be a leader. He was proud of Observ Ant because he always noticed the good in others. He was proud of Pleas Ant because he was so friendly. He was proud of Dilig Ant because he always went the second mile, and He was proud of Obedi Ant because she always did what was right.

But do you know what? He was the most proud of Serv Ant because he was always serving others. Heavenly Father commanded us to serve others and tol dus that when we are serving our fellowmen, we are really serving Him and that makes Him very happy.

Our spirit recognizes when we are serving Heavenly Father and it makes us feel happy inside. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy. We can be happy all the time. If we feel sad or lonely or angry, if we do things for others, those feelings will go away.