"Getting the bugs out"

(by Penny)

I went to a "Party store/dollar store" and bought real looking plastic bugs.... I think they cost me 8 for a $1.  

The kids got a real kick out of it...  I put them in a paper bag and had attached a small piece of tape to the bottom of each bug. 
I had a number written on each so I could control which songs we sang. 

The kids pulled one bug out.,... or "caught one" and then had to hold it while we sang the song. 
We then decided if all the bugs had been caught so we could put it in the BUG JAR (a big miracle whip plastic jug) that I had decorated with bug stickers. 

If not, the bug went back into the bag.  I used this idea until all the songs were out of the bag. 
They loved it and never got tired of it. 

I would use sayings like....
oh, I think we didn't have quite enough Volume to scare that bug away... or
oops, I think that bug scurried away while we were trying to remember those words.....  stuff like that.

Just Penny's worth
Penny :)

Conny Hillgaard:

If you don't have money by buy "real" bugs, here's some sites where you can print them:

http://www.clipsahoy.com/animals/bugs.htm some funny ones