The little red hen!

(Original Author unknown, if one of you know, please let me know)

Each character was holding the animal they played. The animals were from Diane Hooks clip art. They were very cute! Then they were enlarged quite a bit and the centers were cut out so each character held them up in front of their face so their face showed through the opening. Each animal was also laminated for durability.
Each character came to the front of the room when it was their turn to participate. On the Relief Society table was the book, a large basket with a green plant, and several very cute darling chickens that people had.
NARRATOR: (was dressed in work overalls, wearing a straw hat, holding a piece of wheat between fingers, red bandana around her neck freckles on her checks.  She comes walking into the Relief Society Room picks up the book "Little Red Hens' New call, opens the book and the following part is inside the book and she reads the following....)
Once upon a time in a barnyard not too far from here, lived a little red hen.   She served as the ward Enrichment leader. The Little Red Hen tried to hold a mini class on wheat gardening and bread making. You all remember what a disaster that was. She ended up doing everything all by herself!! Well she has just received a new call as the Relief Society President. Today she has decided to reorganize visiting teaching. Oh look who's here, Sister Little Herself.
LITTLE RED HEN: BOK, BOK, BOK, BOK! Who will help me do this visiting teaching?
DUCK: (WALKING FAST) Quack, Quack! Not I, said Sister Duck, My goodness with 8 ducklings to take care of, I have swim team, quaking lessons and waddling classes for all 8 of them. I have one ugly duckling and I'm working on his self esteem. I'm exhausted all the time. Oh and please don't send Sister Cow to visit me, I'm afraid she'll step on one of my children.
LITTLE RED HEN:Who will help me do this visiting teaching??
COW: MOOOOOOOO! Not I, said Sister Cow. I've been visiting Sister Duck but with all those ducklings running around everywhere and all that quacking, my  nerves just can't take it. I don't want to visit her.
LITTLE RED HEN: Who will help me do this visiting teaching??
PIG: OINK, OINK , OINK! Not I, said Sister Pig. I've been visiting Sister Goat and she's always in the dumps. She's depressed about everything, it's not fun to visit her.
LITTLE RED HEN: Then who will help me do this visiting teaching??
GOAT: BAAAAA! Oh not I, said Sister Goat. Sister Sheep is my companion. She takes no initiative to make appointments or give the lesson, she just follows me around, I need someone with more enthusiasm.
SHEEP: BAAAAAA! Not I either Little Red Hen. I don't really think visiting teaching is that important and besides Sister Sheep so sooooo bossy!
DOG: ROOF, ROOF! Not I, said Sister Dog. I visit Sister Cat, her immaculate home intimidates me, Why she's always cleaning, I'm afraid I'll leave a paw print somewhere.
CAT: MEOWWWWWW! Oh not I, said Sister Cat. I don't even want visiting teachers, especially Sister Dog, she scares me.
LITTLE RED HEN: (Farmer Rich was played by the Bishop, dressed in overalls, straw hat, holding a piece of wheat between his fingers , and scriptures, when called he comes slowly walking into the Relief Society room)  Farmer Rich Farmer Rich!!! Whatever shall I do. I just know I can't do all
this visiting teaching by myself!! ( STARTS TO CRY.)
FARMER RICH: Now, now Sister Little. Let me talk to the Sisters: Sisters as  your barnyard leader I want to remind you about the time Sister Little asked you to help her make bread. Remember how you all had some "IMPORTANT" reason why you couldn't help her. You all missed out on the blessing of her delicious baking. Remember how you felt as you watched Sister Little and her chicks eat all of that warm yummy wheat bread. Why this is the very same thing, you will all miss out on the blessings of visiting teaching and you will miss having made some wonderful new friends.
COW: You're right Farmer Rich. Perhaps I could watch Sister Ducks' ducklings at the pond and give her an hour to herself.
DUCK: How thoughtful of you Sister Cow. That would be wonderful, I could really use the break.
PIG: Maybe all Sister Goat needs is friend. Someone to listen to her. 

GOAT: Perhaps I was a bit hasty, don't change Sister Sheep and I yet.
SHEEP: I'm sure we can work this out. After all I'm sure there is a lot I can learn from Sister Goat.
GOAT: I'll make the appointments one month and you give the lesson and then the next month you make the appointments and I'll give the lesson.
DOG: This is the first time I've heard that I scare Sister Cat. All this time I thought she didn't like me.
CAT: Maybe I misjudged Sister Dog.
LITTLE RED HEN: Oh thank you dear sisters! I know if we all work together we can watch over each other and not one of our Sisters will be without a friend and someone to help and love her.
FARMER RICH: By the way Sister Little. I suggest you leave immediately, I hear they're serving chicken soup for lunch.