Doctrine and Covenants
Reading Program Lesson 1-24
For both adult and children
(by Annell Hiersche, Baton Rouge, Louisianna)

This program is designed for the Valiant aged children to work on by themselves or with their parents.  The Sunbeam and CTR ages can work with an older sibling or their parents.  This is designed for Primary or individual family use.  To encourage the children to read in a Primary setting small recognitions can be given out for each lesson.  At the six month mark a slightly larger recognition can be given to those children who completed the readings and at the end of the year a nice reward can be given. 

I saved all of the lessons that were turned in and at the end of the year returned them to the children who participated as tangible evidence of the work they did. 

Each lesson is numbered by week, titled, and includes a reading assignment followed by questions and activities for the children to complete. 
The adult reading assignments, from the Gospel Doctrine classes for 2001, appear in blue in parenthesis



Lesson Reading assignment Questions to be answered
Lesson # 1
Introduction to the Doctrine and Covenants and Church History
(Explanatory Introduction to the D&C; D&C1; Introduction to"Our Heritage")
  1. Inyour journal write what you know and how you feel about the Doctrine and Covenants.
  2. What warning does the Lord issue in D&C1?
  3. What is the purpose of the revelations in the D&C?
Lesson 2:
"Behold, I Am Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World"
( D&C 6:20-21, 32-37; 19:1-3; 29:1-2; 38:1-3; 45:3-5; 50:44; 93:5-19; 133:42-52)
  1. Why did Jesus suffer for us?
  2. How do we repent?
  3. What happens if we don't repent?
Lesson 3:
"I Had Seen a Vision"
Joseph Smith History 1:5-10
(Joseph Smith History 1:1-26; "Our Heritage" pgs 1-4)
  1.  Why was Joseph confused about which church he should join?
  2. List 3 things you can do to help others find the truth?
  3. Make a goal to share the gospel with someone this week?  Write in your journal how you felt and what you did.
Lesson 4: 
"Remember the New Covenant, Even the Book of Mormon"
D&C 3:1-3; D&C 84:54-57
( JS-Hist 1:27-65; D&C 3,5,10,17,20:5-15, 84:54-62; "Our Heritage" pgs 5-10)
  1. What happend to the lost pages of the Book of Mormon?
  2. Did the Lord know what would happen and how did he fix the problem?
  3. What does condemnation mean?
Lesson 5:
"This Is the Spirit of Revelation"
D&C 6:13; 9:8; 25:10; 30:2
(D&C 6,8,9; JS-Hist 1:8-17)
  1. If thou wilt do _______, yea, and hold out ____________ to the end, thou shalt be saved in the kingdom of _____, which is the greatest of all the gifts of God;  for there is no gift greater than the gift of ____________.
  2. How does God answer prayer?
  3. What does it mean to focus on "the things of God?"
Lesson 6: 
"I Will Tell You in Your Mind and in Your Heart, by the Holy Ghost"
D&C 8:2-3, 11:12-14
(D&C 6,8,9,11)
  1. How does the Holy Ghost comminicuate with us?
  2. How can we tell (discern) if a revelation comes from God?
  3. Write in your journal a time that Heavenly Father answered your prayer.
Lesson 7: 
"The First Principles and Ordinances of the Gospel"
D&C 58:42-42, 18:22, 20:37
(2 Nephi 25:23; Alma 42:13-24; D&C 18:10-13; D&C 19:15-19; Article of Faith 3)
  1. What is repentace?
  2. What is the purpose of baptism?
  3. What must a person do to be baptized?
Lesson 8: 
"The Restoration of the Priesthood"
D&C 13, 84:26-27, 84:19-22
(D&C 13,20:38-67; 27:12-13; 84:6-30; 107:1-20; 110:11-16; JS-Hist1:66-73; "Our Heritage" pgs 11-14)
  1. What authoritiy and blessings were restored with the Aaronic Priesthood?
  2. What authoritiy and blessings were restored with the Melchizedek Priesthood?
  3. Boys,:how can you prepare to receive and honor the Priesthood?      Girls: how can you honor the Priesthood?
Lesson 9:
"The Only True and Living Church"
D&C 20:1, 68-69
(D&C 20:1-36, 68-69, 75-79; 21;27;115:1-4; "Our Heritage" pgs 14-16)
  1. On what date was the Church organized in this dispensation?
  2. What does the Lord expect of members of His church?
  3. In your journal write 1 thing you need to improve on and how you are going to improve.
Lesson 10: 
"This Is My Voice unto All"
D&C 25
  1. How can we avoid pride?
  2. Why is pride a sin?
  3. For he shall lay his _____ upon thee, and thou shalt receive the ______ ______, and thy time shall be given to _________, and to ___________much.
Lesson 11: 
"The Field is White Already to Harvest"
D&C 4; 12:8; 18:19
(D&C 4; 11-12; 14-18; 31;33; 75; "Our Heritage" pg 11)
  1.  What is an attribute?
  2.  Which attributes are repeated most often in the reading assignment?
  3. Tell how you can improve one of these attributes in yourself?
Lesson 12: 
"The Gathering of My People"
D&C 38:31-32, Article of Faith 10
(D&C 29:1-8; 33:3-7; 37; 38:24-41; 52:2-5; 42-43; 57:1-3; 110:11; Aritcle of Faith 1:10; "Our Heritage" pgs 16-23, 37-39)
  1. Memorize the 10th Article of Faith.
  2. Who is to be gathered?
  3. Why did the Lord command His people to go to Ohio?
Lesson 13: 
"This Generation Shall Have My Word through You"
2 Nephi 3:11-15; D&C 93:29
( D&C 84:19-25; 88:15-24; 93:29; 107:23,33,35; 124:37-42; 128:16-18; 130:22)
  1. Who does this scripture prophecy refer (mean) to?
  2. Man was also in the beginning with ______.  Intelligence, or the ______ of ________, was not __________ or made neither indeed can be.
Lesson 14: 
"The Law of Consecration"
D&C 42: 30-35
( D&C 42 30-42; 51;78;82; 104:11-18; "Our Heritage" pg 26)
  1. What does the word "consecrate" mean?
  2. ry to explain in your own words what the Lord is saying in the verses you read.
Lesson 15:
"Seek Ye Earnestly the Best Gifts"
D&C 46:12, 13-25; Article of Faith 7
(D&C 46; Article of Faith 7; 1 Corinthians 12-13; Moroni 10:8-18; "Our Heritage" pgs 42-43,47-48,63)
  1. Memorize Article of Faith 7.
  2. Why does God give us spiritual gifts?
  3. List as many spiritual gifts as you can find in the verses.
Lesson 16: 
"Thou Shalt...Offer Up Thy Sacraments upon My Holy Day"
D&C 59:9-10,15-17
(D&C 59; Bible Dictionary "Sabbath")
  1. Why does the Lord want us to meet together in His house?
  2. In your journal write one thing you can do to prepare yourself to go to Sunday meetings.
  3. If we keep the Sabbath Day holy what blessings can we receive?
Lesson 17: 
"The Law of Tithing and the Law of the Fast"
D&C 119; D&C 59:16
(D&C 59:13-14; 21; 119; 120)
  1. How does the Lord define thithing?
  2. What does the Lord promise if we obey the Law of the Fast?
  3. Try to really fast on the next Fast Sunday and write in your journal how you felt.
Lesson 18: 
"Establish...a House of God"
D&C 110:11-16; 109:5
(D&C 95; 109; 110; "Our Heritage" pgs33-36)
  1. Why do we dedicate temples?
  2. What priesthood keys did Moses, Elias, and Elijah restore?
Lesson 19: 
"The Plan of Salvation"


Article of Faith 3; D&C 138: 55; D&C76: 41
(Job 38:4-7; D&C 138:55-56; Abraham 3:22-28; Alma 40:11-14, 42:11-13,15; D&C76:111, 88:14-16; Alma
42:9,14; D&C29:40-43; Article of Faith 3)
  1. Memorize Article of Faith 3.
  2. That he came into the ______, even Jesus, to be ___________ for the world, and to bear the _____of the world, and to ____________ the world, and to cleanse it from all _________________.
Lesson 20: 
"The Kingdoms of Glory"
D&C 76:81,71,70; 50-53
(D&C 76;131;132:19-24;137)
  1. What are the three Kingdoms called?
  2. What does the Lord compare the Kingdoms to?
  3.  What 4 things must be done to come forth in "the resurrection of the just?"
Lesson 21: 
"Looking Forth for the Great Day of the Lord to Come"
D&C 29:9-11; Articles of Faith 3,7,10
(D&C 29:9-29;34:5-12;45:16-75;88:86-99;101:22-34:133)
  1. For I will reveal myself from heaven with __________and great _____________ with all the hosts thereof, and _________ in _________________with men on earth a ______________ ______________, abd the ____________shall not stand.
  2. What is another name for a thousand years?
  3. Review the Articles of Faith that you have memorized.
Lesson 22:
The Word of Wisdom: "A Principle with Promise"
D&C 89
(D&C 89; "Our Heritage" pgs 25-26)
  1. What are the things the Lord tells us are bad for our bodies?
  2. What are the things the Lord tells us are good for our bodies?
  3. What is the promise the Lord gives us for following the Word of Wisdom?
Lesson 23:
 "Seek Learning, Even by Study and Also by Faith"


D&C 88:76-80, 122-125
(2 Nephi 9:28-29; D&C6:7;19:23;88:76-80'118;90:15;93:36-37,53:131:6;136:32-33)
  1. What kinds of things does the Lord command us to study?
  2. What does the Lord tell us we should to to be to learn by the Spirit?
  3. In your journal write a time when the Lord helped you learn or remember something?
Lesson 24: 
"Be Not Deceived, but Continue in Steadfastness"
D&C 26; 28:6-7; 50:17-24
(D&C 26; 28; 43:1-7; 50; 52:14-19;"Our Heritage" pg 36)
  1. What does apostasy mean?
  2. How does the Lord tell us we can decern the things of God and of Satan?
  3. What does God say about whom can receive relavation for the Church?