VT sketch


Background Music-

Gatekeeper is on the stage. Woman enters stage uncertainly, not sure where to go or what has happened to her. Gatekeeper beckons woman forward. (Both are dressed in white) Gatekeeper: Name please?
Woman: Ima Mormon
GK Where did you live?
Wmn: I live in Medicine Hat, Alberta. (pause) What do you mean - where DID I live? I still live there.
GK: That was before the truck hit your car. You no longer live there; you no longer have an earthly address.
Wmn: What happens to me now? Where am I going?
GK: That depends on your earthly accomplishments, and how they are graded on your H.P.A.
Wmn: H.P.A.? What's that?
GK: It's your Heavenly Point Average.

Music swells and is heard as Gatekeeper and Woman are seen in conversation. Music softens and gradually dies down.

GK: Now let's discuss your Church Stewardships.
Wmn: Oh. I've always been active- taught Primary, Young Women and Relief Society. I can't count the number of musical events I've practised for. I was a counsellor in the Stake Primary too, but since I was released from that, I haven't really had a Church calling.
GK: No Church assignment at all?
Wmn: None!(pause)We-ell not really.....just Visiting Teaching.
GK: And you don't think that's an important assignment?
Wmn: Oh, I guess it's an assignment of sorts. You know I never could understand why the sisters were called to go two by two, snooping into one another's homes. I don't think anybody wanted us to come-not really. Take Sister Jones and me. We have....uh, I guess HAD four sisters in our district. There was Sister Green. She was so deaf....it was difficult to give the message to her. Then there was Sister Hall. Wow! Each visit to her was like a three-ring circus-with her baby crying and the other children racing around. Sometimes she'd have to clear a spot just for us to sit down.We also visited
Sister Thomas. She's new in the ward, kind of quiet. We didn't have a thing in common with her. And Sister Preston-a lovely woman but less active, you know. How were we supposed to present the message without offending her? We just never felt comfortable about bringing up spiritual things.
GK: It seems to me that you didn't understand the Visiting Teaching Program or your Stewardship at all. Did you take the time to learn about this responsibility?
Wmn: Oh, heavens no. It's just Visiting Teaching. You know, I was a very busy woman: it was all I could do to squeeze ten minutes in to visit each sister once a month.
GK: But didn't you accept the assignment when asked by the Relief Society President?
Wmn: Well of course I did. That poor woman....I didn't really want to though....but I knew I'd feel guilty if I refused.
GK: Did you attend homemaking each month to take advantage of the Visiting Teaching Spotlight?
Wmn: No, remember I was a very busy woman. I always felt it was a waste of time. When I did go to Homemaking, I just slipped into the classes. After all, I could read the lesson in two minutes. Why should I sit through another meeting?
GK: At that particular meeting your Visiting Teaching Coordinator gave valuable suggestions on techniques that would have helped you take the message into your sister's homes with love and with the Spirit of the Lord. All this would have helped you to help others.The Stewardship of a Visiting Teacher is a great calling and responsibility! "No calling in Relief Society requires greater tact, better judgement, and a keener heart than that of a Visiting Teacher." The Savior said: " As I have loved you, love one another. "Come with me. Let us look into the homes of the four sisters who were your responsibility to " Watch over, be with, and strengthen, to lift and to fortify."

Spotlight moves to each of the four sisters in turn. Music interlude between each.

Sis. Green: (Seated at table, writing in her journal)November 6th. It was snowing heavily this morning. I could hardly see across the street. I did so want to attend Sacrament meeting.....it was the Spiritual Living Lesson in Relief Society too. I hate to miss Relief Society; especially the Spiritual Living lesson. The spirit there is always so beautiful. It strengthens me for the whole week....but there was ice under the snow so I didn't dare walk. I would have asked my Visiting Teachers for a ride but they are such busy women. They don't really have time for me.

Sis. Hall: (Looking at her newborn baby in her arms) I really love this baby. I'm grateful for her and all of my children....but sometimes I feel so overwhelmed. There's so much to do and so much I need to learn. Sharing ideas and struggles with the Relief Society sisters would certainly help me out. I know I need the lessons, especially the Home and Family Education ones....but it seems like with a new baby and a toddler, I spend all my time in the hall. Most days I wonder if it's even worth going.

Sis.Preston I don't know where to turn. I feel the need for something more in my life, something special for my family,,,,but it's so hard to go back. Especially when you've been away from the Church as long as I have. What would they think of me, those Relief Society sisters? They, with their perfect lives. Would they understand? Or even want to? If only I could feel sure of their love and acceptance.

(Spotlight back to Woman and Gatekeeper)

Wmn: I didn't know they felt like that. I guess I just didn't take time to listen. If I'd known, I would have tried to help. I didn't realize that being a visiting teacher was such an important calling.
GK: You're beginning to understand.
Wmn: I wish I could tell other sisters......before it's too late.
GK: And what would you tell them?
Wmn: I'd tell them to take time to be the best Visiting Teachers possible. To get to know their sisters, become a part of their lives, rejoice with them in their joys and mourn with them in their sorrows, to lift and strengthen them, oh, so many things; but most of all, I'd tell them to serve with all their hearts, willingly, lovingly....

(Spotlight moves to Musical Number)