Jeopardy, song rewiev 2002
(by Kerry)


I Love to See the Temple
100: I love to see the _________
200: When am I going there? (someday)
300: What is the line after "to listen and to pray" (For the temple is the house of God)
400: What is "my sacred duty"? (to prepare myself)
500: With whom do we covenant in the temple? (the Father)

Families can Be Together Forever
100: How long can families be together? (forever)
200: Where does your family live? (on earth)
300: What will you do in your early years? (prepare most carefully)
400: How can families be together forever? (through Heavenly Father's Plan)
500: What is Heavenly Father's Plan called?(the plan of salvation)

I'm Trying to be Like Jesus
100: Who am I trying to be like? (Jesus)
200: Who am I trying to love? (my neighbor)
300: Why should we be gentle and loving in deed and in thought? (for these are the things Jesus taught)
400:What is the day of gladness in this song? (When Jesus will come again)
500: What happens when I try to remember the lessons He taught? (Then the Holy Spirit enters into my thoughts)

The Spirit of God
100: What is the spirit doing? (burning)
200: The latter day glory begins to ______ ______( come forth)
300: What are returning? (visions and blessings of old)
400: Who are coming to visit the earth? (angels)
500: For what event was this song written? (the Kirtland Temple dedication)

I Will Follow God's Plan
100: What is the the first thing the song says my life is? (a gift)
200: Where did my purpose begin? (in Heaven)
300: Who chose for me to come to earth? (me)
400: What am I seeking for here? (for God's light to direct me)
500: To what will I hold fast? (His words and His love)

The Lord Gave Me a Temple
100: What did the Lord give me? (a temple)
200: What is the Temple I was given? (my body)
300: Where will I live in this temple? (on earth)
400: What three ways do I need to keep my body? (clean and pure and habit-free)
500: How will you treat your body like a temple? (player's choice)

Truth From Elijah
100: What is the sign for LDS temple?(the pointer finger on 1 hand pointing up while the other pointer finger circles it then touches the "steeple")
200: What will the hearts of the children do? (turn to their fathers)
300: Why will they turn? (because of the truth they have learned from Elijah)
400: What can we as the children do? (seek out our loved ones, preserving their names and memories)
500: If we bind them to us in the temple, how long will that last? (for eternity)

Family History
100: Fill in the blanks "_______ _________ I am doing it my _________ ________'(family history)
200: What do I feel when I'm doing it? (love)
300: What is a progenitor? (ancestor or family member who live before you)
400: Who can be sealed to me?(family living now and the ones who've died)
500: What will they say to me? (We're all a family"_)