Keep the Sabbath holy
(by Kristin Baker, Long Beach, CA)

The counselor began by talking about how the earth was created in 6 days, then on the 7th, Heavenly Father rested. 

Sing: "Follow the Prophet," (the verse about Adam, of course.)

The counselor then asked the children what Moses got from Heavenly Father on stone tablets and pointed out that keeping the Sabbath holy is a commandment. 
She then shared a story from the New Era (the people the story is about happen to be cousins of hers, but it's a great story, and it would be successful for anyone to use.  She brought the New Era to show them pictures.  She used the article "Goal Keepers" from the Sep. 1996 New Era, p. 12).  She told the story in her own words and really captured their attention. 

Sing "Keep the Commandments." 

I asked the children what the song says will come from Keeping the Commandments and then told them that keeping the Sabbath holy will bring us safety and peace.

Read D&C 59:16-19 verse by verse and had the children listen for appropriate activities to do on Sunday. 
We then asked them to think about some additional things we can do on Sunday...
we wrote them all on the chalk board. 

We helped them out a little and suggested we can write in our journals and start our family history. 

Sing "Family History."

We said that writing the missionaries is a good thing to do on Sunday.  I

Sing: I Hope They Call Me on a Mission"

and told them that I knew the Elders serving from our ward had sung that song when they were young and had prepared themselves to serve missions and LOVE to get mail.

The counselor had a couple fresh flowers she showed the children and told them what a great activity it would be to take a nature walk and appreciate Heavenly Father's creations, especially on Sunday. 

Sing: "Give,'" Said the Little Stream."


 In Sr. Primary, I asked them to fill in the blank: 

"I'm small, I know, but wherever I go the ______ grows greener still."  Of course, they all said "grass," even all the leaders, and I would have, too, until the night before when I read the green book that pointed out that the correct song lyric is "fields."  So, we then sang it the "right" way.

After that, we played the game suggested in the Sep. 2002 Friend to review the good things to do on the Sabbath. 

We had all the children stand up.  You lightly tap your legs 2 times with your hands, then clap two times, then take turns snapping each finger.  While you snap your fingers, you name something you can do on Sunday.  You can go around the room and let everyone have a turn.

I know that the children got a lot out of that sharing time.  There was a very neat Spirit in the room by the end of that day.  The counselor who I did sharing time with is fairly new to her calling and just had a baby, so this was one of, if not her first, sharing time.  She went from not even understanding what a combined singing/sharing time was to practically perfecting it--all in one Sunday.  So, I know that these can be done.  I know that she was very prayerful as she prepared and sincerely asked for Heavenly Father's help that morning.  I know He blesses us with inspiration and the ability and Spirit we need to teach His children and do what He commands.